Gitano Jungle Room

Imagine this: You’re in the jungle, feeling a soft breeze while enjoying a cool drink. On top of that, you see the sky turning into beautiful colors as the sun sets. This magical scene is what you’ll find at Gitano Jungle Room, the best rooftop bar in Tulum.

No matter if you’re from the area or just visiting, you must see Gitano Jungle Room. This bar is located deep in the jungle. It offers a blend of modern Mexican style and stunning sunset views.

When you enter Gitano Jungle Room, you’ll be amazed by its design and feel. This rooftop spot includes a restaurant, a lounge, and a special jungle room. It’s the perfect place to spend a classy and laid-back evening.

Starting at 6 PM, Gitano Jungle Room welcomes guests for dinner every day. On Fridays, they host a special Gypsy-Disco event. This lively affair makes your night in Tulum even more memorable. It feels like stepping into a scene that mixes luxury and nature with a dash of magic.

Let Gitano Jungle Room transport you to a world of joy and appreciation. A world that celebrates life, love, and the stunning setting of Tulum.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gitano Jungle Room in Tulum offers a unique and unforgettable rooftop bar experience set in the jungle.
  • With its modern Mexican restaurant, lounge, and jungle room, Gitano Jungle Room is the perfect destination for those seeking the best rooftop bars in Tulum.
  • Experience breathtaking sunset views and an enchanting atmosphere at Gitano Jungle Room.
  • Don’t miss the Gypsy-Disco dinner and dancing event every Friday for an extra dose of excitement.
  • Gitano Jungle Room is the epitome of Tulum’s vibrant nightlife, where luxury, nature, and enchantment come together.

Gitano Jungle Room’s Luxury Hotel and Beach Club

Discover the ultimate luxury escape at the Gitano Jungle Room in Tulum. It’s located in South Tulum and combines beauty and comfort perfectly. It’s a place where elegance meets stunning landscapes.

The hotel’s rooms are truly luxurious. You can choose from beautiful villas to stylish suites. Each one is carefully designed for your relaxation. Enjoy the calm atmosphere and top-notch services that make your stay special.

The beach club offers a serene space on Tulum’s white sands. You can relax under the sun, enjoying a cool drink. And don’t miss the views of the bright turquoise sea. At night, join the lively Tulum scene with music and events.

“The Gitano Jungle Room’s spot in Tulum is unmatched. It’s the ideal mix of high-end amenities and excellent service.”

This spot is part of the famous Gitano family. This includes places like Casa Gitano and Gitano locations in Miami and NYC. It provides a top-notch experience that fits perfectly with Tulum’s natural charm.

Looking for a romantic escape or a place to party? Gitano Jungle Room is the perfect spot. It combines the beauty of Tulum with luxury. You can enjoy the lively bar scene, the beach, and famous rooftop bars.

Explore Gitano Jungle Room’s Unique Atmosphere and Amenities

Step into the cool and chic vibe of Gitano Jungle Room, high above Tulum. This rooftop bar sits among the trees at Tulum Beach. It features a modern Mexican eatery, a mezcal bar, and a cozy lounge. The setting is lush and inviting, giving guests an experience they won’t forget.

Taste the amazing dishes and drinks at Gitano Jungle Room while diving into Tulum’s exciting nightlife. The place is very stylish, with all you need for a great night. It doesn’t matter if you want to chill or have a big night. Gitano Jungle Room is the place to be for anyone.

Looking for a place to hold your special party? Gitano Jungle Room is perfect for all kinds of events. It offers an upscale atmosphere and plenty of room. Whether it’s a birthday, a work do, or a wedding party, this spot will make it memorable.

The sunset views at Gitano Jungle Room are out of this world. Watch the sky turn into a show as you enjoy the top-notch service. Gitano Jungle Room is all about Tulum’s electric night scene. It’s where unforgettable moments are made in the heart of paradise.

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