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Exclusive Booking

Discover the world of luxury with our premium booking app – simplicity and elegance combined.

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Elite Bookings


Unveil the essence of luxury travel with our app, connecting you to unparalleled accommodations and exquisite experiences.


Elevate your travel experiences with our cutting-edge app, designed to offer seamless access to the world's most luxurious destinations. Perfect for those who demand excellence in every detail.


AI Concierge

Experience personalized service round-the-clock with our AI Concierge, tailored to your preferences and needs..


Discover handpicked premium locations that offer exceptional beauty and unmatched exclusivity..

PRIVAT community

Join our exclusive private community, connecting like-minded travelers in a secure and luxurious network.


Gain global access to elite destinations, ensuring a world-class experience wherever you travel.


Basic Membersship

0 $

Our Basic Membership provides access to quality accommodations and streamlined booking. Ideal for casual travelers, it combines value with convenience, ensuring a seamless travel experience.


Premium Membersship

99 $

Experience unparalleled luxury with our Gold Membership, which includes exclusive VIP treatments and special offers. Access to Gold Membership is by application only, ensuring a truly elite experience for discerning travelers.


Elite Membersship


Elevate your journey with our Advanced Membership, featuring priority support and expanded booking options. Designed for enhanced comfort and service, this membership is our "Blue Diamond"—a symbol of exceptional quality and luxury in your travels.

Our private explore app
will soon be available!



Experience personalized services like AI Concierge and unique member benefits that elevate every aspect of your travels. 

What are the differences between the membership levels?

Our membership levels are designed to cater to varying needs. Basic Membership provides access to quality accommodations and streamlined booking, ideal for casual travelers. Advanced Membership adds priority customer support and extended booking options, suitable for those who seek extra comfort and convenience. Gold Membership offers exclusive VIP treatments and special deals, and is available by application only, targeting the most discerning travelers.

How can I apply for Gold Membership?

To apply for Gold Membership, please visit the membership section on our app and fill out the application form. Gold Membership is exclusive and requires approval to ensure it meets the needs of elite travelers seeking the utmost in luxury and exclusivity.

What benefits does the AI Concierge service provide?

Our AI Concierge service offers personalized assistance 24/7, catering to your preferences for dining, travel, and entertainment. It's like having a personal assistant at your fingertips, ensuring your needs and requests are seamlessly met, no matter where you are in the world.

Can I access premium locations in any part of the world?

Yes, our app provides global access to a handpicked selection of premium locations. Whether you're looking for urban luxury in major cities or secluded getaways in exotic destinations, our app ensures you have access to the best the world has to offer.

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