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The “Top 4 Locations” award annually recognizes outstanding venues that have consistently provided exceptional experiences to visitors and locals alike. By meeting rigorous criteria for innovation, service quality, and overall impact, these locations set themselves apart in competitive urban landscapes.

Award recipients gain notable visibility and credibility, enhancing their reputation across both local and international communities. This recognition not only drives increased visitor traffic but also inspires continuous improvement and innovation among all competing venues.

Elite Honors 2024

award winners

Elite Honors


Each year, these awards spotlight the most exceptional venues, elevating their status and drawing global attention.

What are the criteria for selecting the Top 4 Locations?

The award for the Top 4 Locations is based on a combination of visitor feedback, expert reviews, and a unique scoring system that considers accessibility, uniqueness, guest experiences, and local significance. These criteria ensure that only the most outstanding places that consistently provide excellent experiences are recognized.

How often is the award given?

How often is the award given?

Can locations win the award multiple times?

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What impact does the award have on the winning locations?

Winning this award significantly impacts the locations, including increased visibility and foot traffic. The recognition also serves as a mark of quality that instills confidence in potential visitors and sets the location apart from its competitors. In many cases, it leads to improved business performance and motivates staff to maintain or exceed high standards.

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