La Valise Tulum

Imagine you’re barefoot on the warm sands of Tulum, Mexico. The Caribbean Sea’s turquoise waves softly touch the shore. They create a relaxing sound for your seaside escape. La Valise Tulum is a top-notch boutique hotel known for its luxury and care for the environment.

It’s more than a place to stay; it’s a blend of nature’s beauty and stylish comfort. Set on a pristine beach, this hotel mixes modern luxuries with green living. La Valise Tulum stands out as a premier, eco-friendly spot in Mexico, focused on sustainable tourism.

As soon as you get here, La Valise Tulum welcomes you with peace and elegance. You can pick from a variety of rooms, all designed to show off their beautiful surroundings. Whether it’s a suite with ocean views or a jungle hideaway, every space is full of elegance.

But what truly makes La Valise Tulum special are its unique experiences. It promises memorable, luxury stays. As a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, it offers exclusive adventures in Tulum. This includes Mayan ceremonies and special dining experiences, all designed with care.

La Valise Tulum is also big on protecting the planet. It follows The Tulum Pledge to keep its environmental impact small. It’s proud of its Zero Waste Certificate, highlighting its waste reduction work. Staying here means you’re supporting a green future, besides enjoying luxury.

Escape to La Valise Tulum for a blend of luxury, beautiful beaches, and care for the earth. This eco-friendly spot in Tulum is perfect for relaxation, adventure, or diving into the local culture. La Valise Tulum offers a magical experience and a chance to make unforgettable memories in Mexico.

Tranquil Beachside Retreat and Jungle Oasis

La Valise Tulum gives visitors a calm refuge next to the beach and a peaceful spot in the jungle. It’s well-placed, offering private beach access. It also brings a taste of the Caribbean experience with its amenities and barefoot luxury.

There are 11 beautifully designed rooms facing the beach. These rooms let guests enjoy the ocean sounds and sights. The hotel has two pools perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun.

On the other side, La Valise Tulum has 11 jungle-side suites within the Mayan jungle. Here, visitors can swim in the big pool or have a quiet time in their private plunge pools surrounded by green.

Every room has the special feature of rolling beds. This lets guests have amazing views, either of the beach or the jungle. Staying at La Valise Tulum, no matter the room choice, guarantees a memorable, calming stay.

Curated Experiences and Sustainable Practices

La Valise Tulum, a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, offers stays filled with unique, unforgettable moments. We focus on ethical sustainability, showcasing nature’s beauty, culture, and art. Also, we help the local community and keep the environment safe. We follow The Tulum Pledge to lower our environmental impact using new methods.

General Manager Juan Perez says, “We are dedicated to high ethical standards in sustainability. We aim to please our environment, community, and guests with improving sustainable travel experiences.”

Giving our guests amazing experiences is what we’re all about. We want to show them the real cultural and natural beauty of Riviera Maya. Our adventures, like checking out ancient ruins, dive deep into local heritage and help you really connect.

La Valise Tulum is known for its green work and has Zero Waste Establishment Certificate. We’re big on reducing waste and making smarter choices. Through recycling, saving water, and using energy wisely, we aim for zero waste and a better environment.

When you choose La Valise Tulum, you’re picking luxury that’s also eco-friendly. Each detail of your stay aims to keep our planet healthy without letting up on quality or comfort.

The Tulum Pledge: Commitment to Sustainability

Created by La Valise Tulum, The Tulum Pledge is about more than our hotel. By signing it, we help other local businesses. Our goal is to boost eco-tourism, save Tulum’s natural beauty, and protect its deep culture.

  1. Support local artisans, businesses, and eco-friendly actions
  2. Reduce single-use plastics and choose green options
  3. Use water wisely and manage it responsibly
  4. Protect local plants and animals by keeping their homes safe and helping in conservation

Choosing La Valise Tulum means you’re part of a big green effort. Together, we can protect Tulum for future folks. Let’s make a lasting difference, keeping Tulum’s allure alive for later generations.


La Valise Tulum waits for you in a stunning beachfront spot in Tulum, Mexico. It’s the perfect luxury stay for a holiday in the Riviera Maya. This eco-friendly hotel focuses on sustainable travel and offering special memories. It’s the best choice for a memorable vacation.

If you love the beach or the jungle, there’s something for you at La Valise Tulum. You can rest by the sea or in the green heart of the jungle. The hotel offers rooms that are both cozy and modern. You can enjoy the Caribbean coast or explore the magical Mayan jungle.

At La Valise Tulum, you can relax and make special moments, all while caring for the planet. The hotel works hard to be kind to the earth and help the local community. Your stay helps protect the beautiful nature of the Riviera Maya.

Choose La Valise Tulum for your upcoming trip. You’ll get to experience top-notch luxury, the beauty of the beach, care for the environment, and unforgettable journeys in the Riviera Maya.

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