Upside East

Upside East stands as Munich’s top luxury rooftop lounge, defining what a high-end bar should be. As the lively city buzzes below, climb to this exclusive spot for stunning views of Munich’s skyline. Wrapped in sophistication, every moment here exceeds the highest expectations.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover Munich’s upscale rooftop lounge culture at Upside East
  • Embrace the breathtaking panoramic skyline views unique to this luxury destination
  • Delve into an elevated Munich nightlife experience unlike any other
  • Indulge in a luxury bar experience with premium spirits and innovative cocktails
  • Enjoy the exclusivity and sophistication that define Upside East’s ambiance
  • Benefit from the attentive service that enhances your time spent above the city
  • Plan your next evening out where sophistication and sky-high luxury converge

Why Upside East is a Must-Visit Destination in Munich

As Munich’s night comes alive, Munich nightlife takes flight at Upside East. This place is more than a simple bar. It’s a haven where breathtaking city views, cocktail innovation, and gourmet dining in Munich come together. All in an upscale event space that keeps guests coming back.

Unmatched Panoramic Views of Munich

Imagine looking at Munich’s skyline, seeing both its historic beauty and modern flair. Upside East’s rooftop provides that perfect view. It offers breathtaking city views unlike any other. Celebrate important moments or end your day here, and the view will make it unforgettable.

Innovative Cocktails and Gourmet Bites

Upside East stands out for its unique cocktail innovation and gourmet dining in Munich. The drinks show the mixologists’ creativity and skill. Enjoy these with gourmet dishes that elevate your experience. Every bite is a step into culinary excellence.

Luxurious Ambiance and Exclusive Events

The vibe at Upside East speaks of luxury and privacy. As an elite upscale event space, it’s the scene for top social events. Whether it’s a corporate gala or a private party, events here aim to enchant. They leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

Rooftop, Munich, Bar: A Fusion of Elegance and Relaxation

Picture yourself above the skyline of Munich. Here, the vibe of modern luxury meets serene calm. This top Munich rooftop lounge showcases the heart of elegant nightlife and offers a cozy relaxed luxury bar setting. It’s where Munich’s bustling vibe and the peace of a high oasis meet.

When night falls, the mood and classy setting of one top elite Munich bars make the night memorable. The gentle music and quiet sound of glasses clinking invite you to a unique cocktail journey. Upside East combines lively night vibes with lounge comfort, becoming a haven for those who love luxury.

  • Sophisticated Ambiance: The high-end décor adds to the luxury, making every corner special and improving your experience.
  • Stellar Views: Enjoy unmatched views of Munich’s skyline. It’s stunning at sunset or under the night lights.
  • Signature Cocktails: Skilled mixologists offer drinks that are both creative and classic, thrilling your taste and senses.
  • Seamless Service: The dedicated staff provide top-notch service, making every moment more personal.

Upside East is more than a place; it’s a journey for those wanting a break from the ordinary. Here, you are welcomed into a world where elegance meets relaxation. It’s a blend of refined delights that spotlights Munich’s known after-dark culture.

“In the heart of the city yet away from it all, this is where the urban elite gathers to redefine the essence of Munich’s rooftop lounging experience.”


Dive into the heart of Elevated Munich nightlife, and you’ll find a gem called Upside East. It’s more than just a place; it’s an experience high above the city that amazes everyone. Upside East gives you a stunning view of the city lights with a touch of luxury. It’s a place where fine dining meets sophisticated fun, loved by those seeking a plush atmosphere.

Upside East stands out by blending exclusivity with comfort. It’s where the vibrant city life meets peaceful heights, creating unforgettable moments. Enjoy drinks and gourmet food in a setting that is the epitome of luxury, yet relaxed. Every aspect, from the lighting to the service, is carefully planned to make your time there unique.

Looking for top-notch nightlife? Upside East is your answer. It’s a favorite for locals and visitors, offering an extraordinary experience above the city. It’s more than a bar; it’s a luxury escape high in the skies of Munich. Visit Upside East and experience the peak of night-time fun.

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