VAGALUME Tulum – New Year’s Eve 2023

Imagine being on a sandy beach with a soft breeze and the setting sun. You hear the waves crash, feeling the excitement. Take a deep breath, ready for something amazing.

Welcome to VAGALUME Tulum, a place where magic and dreams meet. It’s in Tulum’s hotel zone, a beach club for the spiritual. On New Year’s Eve 2023, come and celebrate their 3rd anniversary with them.

Envision being with others, all in white and gold, under a sparkling sky. Excitement fills the air as 8 pm hits, and performances begin. Artists like GHEIST and HUMAN ARIAS will light up the night.

This event is more than a New Year’s party. It’s where people who love music and art gather. Dancing under the stars, you’ll feel the energy and joy. It’s a night of shared passion and beautiful moments.

VAGALUME Tulum turns from a peaceful retreat by day into a lively nightclub by night. It’s where unforgettable experiences are crafted and cherished.

Save the date, December 31, 2023, for VAGALUME Tulum’s enchanting event. Let the music and vibe lead you to a night in Tulum you’ll never forget.

Key Takeaways:

  • VAGALUME Tulum is hosting a special New Year’s Eve event to celebrate their 3rd anniversary.
  • The event will feature performances by renowned artists such as GHEIST, HUMAN ARIAS, VITE + MIGANOVA, and NEGRINM.
  • The dress code for the event is white and gold.
  • Tickets for the event are available for purchase.
  • VAGALUME Tulum is a boho chic beach club and restaurant located in the Tulum hotel zone.

Experience the Enchantment of VAGALUME Tulum

Step into the magic of VAGALUME Tulum in the heart of Tulum’s hotel zone. This boho chic spot is famous for welcoming the spiritual and conscious crowd. Here, you’ll find a unique and enchanting experience.

The moment you walk in, you’ll be drawn to the lively energy and calm beauty. VAGALUME Tulum always has something happening, which shows off Tulum’s varied life.

Every year, their New Year’s Eve party is a big deal, marking their 3rd anniversary. The place turns into a dazzling nightclub for a night filled with fun and memories.

“VAGALUME Tulum is more than just a venue; it’s a sanctuary where like-minded individuals come together to celebrate life, love, and the beauty of Tulum.” – Event Planner Magazine

The evening’s buzz will be a DJ set by SASHA, an internationally famous DJ. With his mix of sounds and great showmanship, SASHA promises a night to remember.

During the day, you can relax with the white sand and turquoise waters. At sunset, the party starts, turning into a music celebration under the stars.

“VAGALUME Tulum is an oasis of creativity, spirituality, and pure joy. It embodies the bohemian spirit of Tulum, creating an experience that is both magical and transformative.” – Tulum Events Magazine

If you’re looking for an event spot with a natural and bohemian touch, VAGALUME Tulum is ideal. Its atmosphere and music are perfect for weddings, parties, and all celebrations.

Visit VAGALUME Tulum and you’ll leave with unforgettable memories of its stunning beauty and creative spirit.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Tulum

Tulum is famous for its exciting New Year’s Eve parties. Many events take place there at the end of the year. Ahau Tulum organizes a spectacular NYE party with a dinner and open bar. The Gratitude Season is celebrated at Papaya Playa Project with great food and entertainment.

Zamna Tulum invites guests to a unique jungle experience with Paul Kalkbrenner. There’s also the Set Underground’s event at Cerveceria Tulum, highlighting a cenote. Places like Gitano Jungle Tulum and Gitano Beach host their own New Year’s Eve parties. No matter your party style, Tulum has the perfect spot to welcome the new year.


Tulum is a vibrant place with beautiful surroundings, perfect for New Year’s Eve. It offers many events to suit every taste. You can find fun at beach clubs, in the jungle, or at restaurants.

If you love boho chic, food adventures, or lively parties, Tulum is the spot. There are many cool things to do. This makes Tulum a great place for celebrations, either personal or work-related.

As the year ends, celebrate in Tulum and feel its lively spirit. Dance, enjoy great food, and make memories under the stars. Don’t miss Tulum’s unique New Year’s Eve events. It’s a special experience.

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