Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo

Step into luxury and glamour at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo in Monaco. This top nightclub is famous for its exclusive vibe. It has a rich history in Monaco’s nightlife.

The place has been recently renovated. Now, it boasts a stylish look. You can enjoy a garden and a bar that seems to float over the crowd.

Dive into Monaco’s lively nightlife with famous DJs like Calvin Harris and Bruno Mars. Dance to their hits and have an amazing time. Make your night even better by booking a table with Excellence. This way, you’ll have a guaranteed spot.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo is a celebrated nightclub in Monaco, known for its glamorous and sophisticated atmosphere.
  • The club offers a chic and exclusive experience with its lush garden and floating summer bar.
  • Internationally renowned DJs perform at Jimmy’z, ensuring a night of unforgettable entertainment.
  • Booking a table with Excellence is recommended for an enhanced VIP experience.
  • Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a remarkable nightlife experience in Monaco.

Clubbing at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo

Visit the top spot for nightlife at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo in Monaco. It’s known as the “Great Art of Clubbing.” During summer, top DJs are on show, making the nights unforgettable. Whether you’re from Monaco or visiting, Jimmy’z offers an amazing club experience.

Unleash the Party Animal Within

From March to October, Jimmy’z is open for epic nights in Monaco. It starts with two nights a week, on Fridays and Saturdays, from March to July. Then, it’s open four nights: Wednesdays to Saturdays, during July and August. In September, it stays lively with parties each Friday and Saturday.

Enter a World of Exclusive Events

In 2024, Jimmy’z promises big with opening parties, themed events, and famous DJs. It’s the place to be for a lively vibe that keeps you dancing till dawn. Don’t miss events like Straight Outta Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo and Monaco’s GO DEEP for house music fans.

The club features big names like Calvin Harris, Bruno Mars, and more.

A Nightclub Like No Other

Jimmy’z isn’t just any club; it’s a Monaco nightlife icon. It blends luxury with excitement, creating a special atmosphere. Over the years, it has become the place for unforgettable nights out, offering top-notch entertainment.

Key Information Details
Club Name Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo
Location Monaco
Operating Days
  • March to July: Fridays and Saturdays
  • July to August: Wednesdays to Saturdays
  • September: Fridays and Saturdays
Program Opening parties, themed nights, performances by renowned DJs
Atmosphere Festive, hip-hop-chic

Come and feel the buzz at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo in Monaco. It’s perfect for both regulars and first-timers. Get ready for great music, top service, and memories you’ll always cherish.

Summer Season at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo

Get ready for an unforgettable summer at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo. It’s filled with vibrant energy, exclusive evenings, and electrifying beats. From May to June, the club celebrates the Grand Prix de Monaco. This brings an exciting vibe with top DJs.

The excitement continues into July and August. Wednesdays are especially epic nights. Talented DJs create a festive ambiance. It’s a night you won’t easily forget, with music that keeps you dancing.

Thursdays at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo are extraordinary too. The GO DEEP event features cutting-edge house music. It showcases top artists and new talent, making it a must-experience for dynamic nightlife.

The fun doesn’t stop there. The club is open every Friday and Saturday over the summer. Make sure to be there and enjoy nights like no other. Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo promises a nightlife experience you won’t forget in glamorous Monaco.

Upcoming Events:

Date Event Featured DJ
May 15 Grand Prix de Monaco DJ Alex Cruz
June 5 Grand Prix de Monaco DJ Nora En Pure
July 7 Exclusive Summer Evening DJ Jazzy Jeff
August 4 Exclusive Summer Evening DJ Cassidy
Every Thursday GO DEEP DJ Solomun

VIP Experience at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo

At Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo, VIP guests enjoy a unique experience in a private area. It’s designed by the famous Philipp Plein. This special area is both luxurious and sophisticated, perfect for club entertainment.

The VIP area has its own entrance for convenience. Inside, elegance and exclusivity surround you. You can enjoy a variety of champagne and cocktails from a private bar. They’re served by a friendly and attentive staff.

For something truly exceptional, visit the floating summer bar on the lagoon. It’s surrounded by a lush garden for a private feel. Here, you can sip champagne under the stars or enjoy the sun. The floating bar is a special place for unforgettable moments.

Choosing a VIP area at Jimmy’z means getting top-notch service and attention. Whether you’re here for a special event, business, or just a luxury night, Jimmy’z offers the best in exclusivity.

Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo’s Legacy

Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo is a top spot in Monaco’s nighttime world. It’s a famed club loved by many, from stars to the elite. For decades, it’s wowed with its special charm and private feel.

This hotspot got a new look, making it even more appealing. Now, it draws fancy folks from all over. The club keeps its classy vibe, showing off the best of Monaco’s nightlife.

“Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo is not just a club; it’s a symbol of glamour and extravagance. It has stood the test of time, catering to the discerning taste of an international clientele for decades.” – Renowned nightlife critic

Where Legacy Meets Contemporary Sophistication

Even with its long history, Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo stays fresh and fun. It mixes tradition with what’s new, making every visit memorable. The music, lights, and vibe are a perfect blend of past and present.

Quality is key here, from drinks to light displays. The club always respects its past but isn’t afraid to try new things. It stays a top pick for a night out in Monaco.

A Curation of Unforgettable Nights

Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo is known for amazing nights. It’s hosted top DJs, themed events, and special parties. Its schedule always has something exciting for its visitors.

You’ll find all kinds of music here, from EDM to hip-hop. There’s something for everyone at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo. It promises fun nights that you’ll remember long after.

The Continuation of a Legend

As Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo starts a new chapter, its fame only grows. It still magnetizes fans looking for great nightlife in Monaco. The club’s influence continues to spread.

It’s a symbol of lasting style and class. Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo’s story, filled with exclusivity and excellence, lives on. Those who visit remember the amazing times forever.

Legacy Iconic Club Generations
A revered establishment with a rich history and cultural significance An emblematic symbol of glamour and exclusivity A venue that has attracted patrons across different generations
A testament to the enduring allure of Monaco’s nightlife A legendary hotspot that has defined Monaco’s clubbing scene A place where memories are created, passed down, and cherished
A beacon of style, class, and sophistication A destination that remains at the forefront of the industry A venue that has left an indelible mark on its patrons

Similar Establishments in Monaco

Monaco shines with its exciting nightlife. There’s a spot for everyone after dark. Besides Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo, you have places like The Niwaki and Nobu. You can also check out Sass Café, Gaia Monte Carlo, La Note Bleue, Yoshi, and more. These places make sure everyone finds a favorite in Monaco’s nightlife.

Experience Monaco’s Diverse Nightlife

If you’re after more than what Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo offers, Monaco has a lot to explore. You can find trendy lounges and elegant bars here. Let’s take a look at some top picks:

  1. The Niwaki has a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea. Visit for a chic rooftop and refreshing cocktails. The views are sure to take your breath away.
  2. Nobu is a top spot for Japanese food. It’s known worldwide for its great food and stylish place. Locals and tourists alike love it.
  3. Sass Café mixes restaurant elegance with nightclub energy. You can enjoy live music and mediterranean dishes here. Dance all night in glamour.
  4. Gaia Monte Carlo is trendy and modern. It offers unique cocktails and a lively vibe. It’s perfect for a chill night or partying.
  5. La Note Bleue offers fine dining with jazz performances by the sea. Enjoy a gourmet meal and fine wines. The jazz makes it a class act.

Continuing the Nightlife Adventure

Don’t stop with just those places. Monaco has more nightlife gems for you:

“Yoshi brings fine Japanese cuisine to Monaco. It’s a Michelin-starred restaurant with a sleek look. Yoshi delights with sushi and more.”

“Beefbar is heaven for meat fans. This luxury steakhouse cooks the best cuts with care. Enjoy with wine in its elegant spot.”

“L’Hirondelle is a chic lounge in Monaco’s heart. It’s famed for its cocktails and lively vibe. Have a drink on the terrace and chat with others.”

“Izakaya Cozza offers a mix of Japanese and Italian. Its menu is fresh and its vibe is cool. It’s a special place for dining.”

“Coya Monte-Carlo brings Latin American flavors to Monaco. It mixes Peruvian and Japanese food with great cocktails. The atmosphere is always lively.”

Contact Information and Official Website

Frankly, for all things Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo, head to their official website. Here, you’ll find everything you need, from events to VIP tidbits. It’s your key to an unforgettable time.

Need to talk to someone at Jimmy’z? Just call +377 98 06 70 68. Their team is here to handle your questions and help plan your visit. Make sure to drop them a line for anything you need.

“To get all the details about Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo, visit their official website or contact them directly at +377 98 06 70 68. Book your table in advance and get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of Monaco.”

Besides, keep updated on Jimmy’z news by hitting follow on their socials. With Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, see what makes Jimmy’z the place to be. It’s a portal to the world of Monaco’s premier club.

Monaco’s Glamorous Nightlife

Monaco’s nightlife is famous for its luscious and classy vibes. It’s where the rich and famous come to play. You’ll spot celebs and elites here, mingling with party lovers worldwide. Iconic joints such as Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo make Monaco’s night scene top-notch, blending luxury, fun, and a sprinkle of enchantment.

Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo: A Summer Hotspot

During summer, Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo becomes a top spot in Monaco’s nightlife. It offers an exclusive summer schedule, top-notch DJs, and a fancy vibe. It’s the place to be for an amazing night in Monaco.

If you’re from Monaco or just visiting, Jimmy’z has the perfect party for you. They feature top DJs from around the globe. The music pumps all night, keeping everyone on their feet.

Jimmy’z looks as stunning as its sounds. It’s filled with classy people and a feeling of luxury. The sound and lights take the experience to another level.

You can party hard on the floor or enjoy VIP treatment in special spots. You might even meet Monaco’s famous faces or celebrities. It’s the heart of Monaco’s lively nightlife.

Show up at Jimmy’z this summer to see what makes it the best. It’s where Monaco’s nightlife truly shines.

Unforgettable Evenings at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo

At Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo, each night brings memories you won’t forget. The nightclub’s thrilling atmosphere welcomes you with open arms. You might catch a star at the opening parties, groove to themed nights, or feel the beat of top DJs.

Discover Monaco’s night scene leader at Jimmy’z. Its glamorous design pulls you in, blending elegance with high energy. It’s the ultimate place to soak in the thrilling vibes.

“Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo is more than just a nightclub. It’s a sanctuary of unbridled excitement and unparalleled entertainment. The club’s meticulous attention to detail, from the top-of-the-range programming to the impeccable service, ensures that every visit is nothing short of remarkable.”

Jam-packed with top DJs, Jimmy’z promises an extraordinary night every time. The music lineup is designed to please everyone. Whether you love dancing non-stop or prefer laid-back tunes, you’ll find your vibe here.

Experience the Magic

Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo is where epic nights happen. It gathers a fun-loving crowd eager for music and dance. The buzz of excitement is everywhere, creating a vibe like no other.

“The night comes alive at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo. The dance floor becomes a stage for endless possibilities, where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate life, love, and the joy of being alive.”

Choosing Jimmy’z means choosing an unforgettable night. Their excellent service makes you feel special from the start. It’s an experience designed to linger with you.

Enjoy luxury as you sip expertly made drinks and move to great beats. At Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo, discover an endless world of fun and memories.

The Allure of Clubbing in Monaco

Clubbing in Monaco is unlike any other, drawing people from every corner. It combines luxury, exclusivity, and an alive social scene. This mix creates a thrilling vibe that pulls in party lovers from worldwide. At the top of Monaco’s nightlife lies Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo.

In the principality’s heart, Jimmy’z offers an incomparable night out. It attracts both locals and visitors with its chic vibe, acclaimed performances, and a selective audience. Here, you’ll experience the true essence of Monaco’s lively nights.

Step inside Jimmy’z and enter a world of vibrancy and fun. Pulsating music, bright lights, and elegant design make a lavish yet captivating setting. With top-tier entertainment guaranteed, each night here is unforgettable.

Monaco’s allure in clubbing goes beyond its grand setting. It’s about the exclusive vibe and the chance to mingle with stars, the rich, and the famous. Dancing ear to ear with the elite makes it a more exciting experience.

The city’s club scene reflects its role as a playground for the rich and powerful. Its lively mood, stunning locations, and top entertainment rank it among the world’s best. And at the heart of it, Jimmy’z stands as the ultimate destination. It offers an exceptional clubbing experience for everyone seeking something extraordinary.


Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo stands out in Monaco’s night scene. It’s in the heart of the city, welcoming all. Here, you can expect top DJs and a stylish vibe that everyone loves. It’s the place to be for a great night, VIP treatment, or a peek into Monaco’s high life.

It’s not just a club; it’s the nightlife spot in Monaco. Jimmy’z is known for its posh decor and amazing music. All in all, it shines brightly in Monaco’s lively night world.

Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo is where the fun happens. With its posh style and great service, it’s a top pick for a night out. You can dance, have a VIP spot just for you, or chill by a floating bar. More than a night, it’s an experience to remember forever.


What is Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo?

Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo is a famous nightclub in Monaco. It’s known for its glamorous vibe. Many famous people like to party there.

What is the program at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo?

This club has top DJs during summer. You can see acts like Calvin Harris and Bruno Mars. It’s open more days as summer goes on.Starting Fridays and Saturdays, then adding Wednesdays and Thursdays in July and August. You can dance and have fun all week.

What can I expect during the summer season at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo?

In the summer, the club is alive. It has special events in May and June for the Monaco Grand Prix. Then, July and August bring cool nights on Wednesdays and Thursdays with great music.

Can I have a VIP experience at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo?

Yes, you can be a VIP at this club. There’s a special area just for VIPs. It includes a private bar by Philipp Plein.You can also find a floating bar in a beautiful garden. It’s for special guests to enjoy.

What is the legacy of Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo?

Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo is a well-known club in Monaco. It’s been a favorite for a long time. People come here for a unique nightlife.

Are there similar nightlife establishments in Monaco?

Yes, Monaco has many other famous places to enjoy the night. These include The Niwaki, Nobu, and Gaia Monte Carlo. Each offers something special for different tastes.

How can I get more information and book a table at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo?

To learn more or reserve a table at Jimmy’z, visit their site or call +377 98 06 70 68. The site has details about events and VIP services. You can also follow them on social media for updates.

What is Monaco’s nightlife scene like?

Monaco is famous for its upscale nightlife. It’s a spot for the rich and famous. With places like Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo, you’re in for a night full of luxury and fun.

Why is Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo a summer hotspot in Monaco?

Jimmy’z gets super popular in the summer. It has cool DJs and a beautiful space. Whether you live here or not, it’s the place to be for summer nights.

What can I expect during evenings at Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo?

Every night at Jimmy’z is special. You’ll find opening parties, themed nights, and big name DJs. Its glamorous look and energized staff make sure you have a great time.

What sets clubbing in Monaco apart from other destinations?

Monaco’s clubs have a special mix of luxury and fun. This makes for a great night out for everyone. Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo is where you can feel the pulse of Monaco’s nightlife scene.
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