Marquee New York

Welcome to Marquee New York, at the center of the bustling city. It’s your top spot for nightlife that’s unforgettable. Here, you’ll experience thrilling events, top DJs, and maybe even meet some big-name stars.

Find us at 289 10th Avenue, where elite entertainment lives. Walk into a place where exciting music and lights greet you. The atmosphere here is like no other, with cool lights, a high-up DJ booth, and the latest in video and laser tech.

Marquee New York offers more than just music. It’s a complete experience for all your senses. Enjoy the night on our special two-stage dance floor. And let the beautiful chandeliers and incredible vibes take you to a place of pure joy.

Key Takeaways

  • Marquee New York is a premier entertainment destination in New York City, offering a unique club culture experience.
  • The club hosts extravagant events, showcases renowned DJs, and attracts A-list celebrities, ensuring an unforgettable nightlife extravaganza.
  • Located at 289 10th Avenue, Marquee New York boasts stunning lighting, an elevated DJ booth, and state-of-the-art video and laser systems.
  • The club’s two-stage dance floor and striking chandeliers create an immersive party atmosphere that combines music and visual spectacle.
  • Step into a world where reality and fantasy blur, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Unforgettable Experiences at Marquee New York

Have the time of your life at Marquee New York. It’s the perfect spot for an amazing night out. You’ll find a mix of events with top DJs.

Marquee New York is packed with thrilling things to do. There are DJ sets, live acts, and fashion shows to enjoy. Tunes from big names like Tiesto and David Guetta will make you dance all night.

The club’s design is stunning, with neon lights and lasers everywhere. A unique two-stage dance floor will keep you moving. Plus, a beautiful chandelier adds a special touch to the atmosphere.

Marquee is known for its lively crowd, full of young people. It’s a great place to dance, meet new friends, and have fun. This environment, mixed with great music, makes for some unforgettable nights out.

The Ultimate VIP Experience at Marquee New York

Step into luxury with Marquee New York’s VIP experience. Your night will be exceptional with top-notch service, a variety of VIP table options, and world-class music. It’s the ultimate blend for a memorable evening.

Bottle Service Packages

Our bottle service packs are designed just for you. Prices range from $600 to $7,500, based on where you want to sit and your group’s size. Our team will look after everything to make sure your night is perfect.

VIP Table Options

Get a VIP table in the center of the excitement. For $3,000, you get a 10-person table with amazing views. Enjoy your night in style and comfort, making it a celebration you won’t forget.

Exquisite Bar Selection

Enjoy top-shelf drinks at our bars. We have a wide selection including Ketel 1, Absolut Elyx, and Grey Goose VX. Plus, our bartenders can mix up a drink just for you. Every drink you take is a step deeper into the VIP experience.

A Cutting-Edge Sound System

Dance to the music with our advanced Funktion 1 sound system. It plays every tune crisply and loudly, turning every beat into an unforgettable moment. Let the music carry you through a night full of energy and fun.


Marquee New York is more than just a club. It showcases the exciting nightlife and world-class entertainment that New York is famous for. It offers rich experiences, a wide range of events, and top DJs, making it a top choice for an amazing night out.

If you want to enjoy great music and have a VIP experience, Marquee New York has everything you need. The club’s lively setting and enthusiastic crowd capture the real spirit of clubbing. This makes every trip there something to remember.

Marquee New York is known for its dazzling light shows and top sound gear. It promises an amazing time for all visitors. Plus, with outstanding DJs and a full events calendar, it stays popular with those who love to party and celebrities, solidifying its spot as a New York nightlife icon.

Visit Marquee New York to see the best of club life. It’s where unforgettable nights of premium fun happen. Expect to dance, meet new people, and create memories you’ll treasure forever.

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