Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

Get ready for a top-notch luxury experience in Monaco, at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. It’s in the perfect spot to enjoy the Riviera’s beauty. This resort will make your stay memorable.

Step into luxury at this grand hotel. Everything is designed to awe guests. The lobby alone showcases the elegance you’ll enjoy throughout your stay.

Experience stunning views from the terrace. The deep blue sea and scenic Riviera will steal your breath. This place has been loved by many for centuries.

Don’t miss dining at the Blue Bay restaurant. Chef Marcel Ravin creates magic with Caribbean and Mediterranean dishes. The setting and food combine for an unforgettable experience.

Don’t worry about where to sleep; this hotel has you covered. There are plenty of room choices, most with sea-view terraces. Relax and take in the beauty from your window.

There are many fun things to do at the resort. Swim in the lagoon or in the sea right next to the hotel. The pool and jacuzzi offer more options for relaxation.

Service here is second to none. The staff treat you like royalty, always making sure you’re happy. Join the “My Monte-Carlo” program for even more perks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort offers a luxurious retreat in Monaco, with breathtaking views of the Riviera.
  • The hotel’s Blue Bay restaurant, led by Chef Marcel Ravin, boasts two Michelin stars and serves a fusion of Caribbean and Mediterranean flavors.
  • Choose from 332 luxurious rooms, including suites with terraces overlooking the sea.
  • Enjoy a range of amenities, including a lagoon, direct access to the sea, and a large indoor-outdoor heated pool with a jacuzzi.
  • Experience exceptional service and the opportunity to join the hotel’s loyalty program, “My Monte-Carlo,” for exclusive benefits.

Michelin-Starred Dining at Blue Bay

The Blue Bay restaurant shines at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. Chef Marcel Ravin leads it, and it proudly holds two Michelin stars. This spot combines Caribbean and Mediterranean tastes into a bold, exciting menu. You can watch the chefs at work in the open kitchen or enjoy the view out on the terrace.

Blue Bay Restaurant Highlights
Cuisine Fusion of Caribbean and Mediterranean flavors
Michelin Stars Two stars
Head Chef Marcel Ravin
Indoor Ambiance Hustle and bustle of an open kitchen
Outdoor Ambiance Panoramic terrace with stunning views

Accommodations and Amenities

The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort has 332 rooms. This includes 21 suites and the Diamond Suite Eleven for a special stay. You’ll find the ideal space, whether you’re alone or with family.

Most rooms face the sea, giving you amazing views. You can relax on your private terrace. The rooms are designed with light oak furniture and warm tones for a peaceful feel.

We blend comfort with luxury at our resort. Enjoy our lush gardens and lagoon for a quiet time. For a swim, head directly to the sea for a cool experience.

Our heated pool with jacuzzi awaits you. Swim comfortably or enjoy a lazy day by the pool. It’s a great choice for any time of the day.

Discover what we offer in the table below:

Accommodations Number of Rooms
Rooms 332
Suites 21
Diamond Suite Eleven 1


  • Private terraces with sea views
  • Contemporary style with light oak furniture
  • Lush gardens with a winding lagoon
  • Direct access to the sea
  • Large indoor-outdoor heated pool with a jacuzzi

Making you comfortable is our mission at Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. From private terraces to serene gardens, we aim to ensure happiness. Dive into our swimming pool or relax in our gardens. A modern-style haven awaits you for the perfect escape.

Dining Options and Nightlife

At Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, your dining will be top-notch, with many options to enjoy. Besides the famous Blue Bay, you should check out two more eateries. They promise not just good food but great memories.

L’Orange Verte

L’Orange Verte is a place where food becomes art. Chef Marcel Ravin combines local and international flavors, in dishes perfect for a quick bite or a leisurely meal. The creative plates are not just delicious but a feast for the eyes, too.

Las Brisas

In a perfect spot between the sea and a lagoon, Las Brisas is great for a calming lunch. Enjoy meals inspired by the Mediterranean, with a view that’s pure bliss. Feel the warmth of the sun as you taste fresh seafood and light, tasty dishes.

Hotel Fusion CuisineAd- Monaco-1080 x 608.jpg

Dining Options Cuisine Location
L’Orange Verte Fusion Cuisine Monaco
Las Brisas Mediterranean-inspired Between the sea and lagoon
Blue Gin Cocktails Lounge area

Blue Gin

Enjoy an evening at Blue Gin, our chic cocktail bar. It’s a great place for a drink, with a lovely feel. They have a variety of cocktails, spirits, and wines to pick from, or you can have one made just for you. Don’t miss the view or a chance to chat with other visitors.

Get ready for exciting nights with easy access to Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo, just steps away. This famous club is where you can dance, enjoy, and make special moments in Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is perfect, whether you want to try new fusion meals, have a calming lunch, or join the fun at night.

Wellness and Recreation

At Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, we care deeply about your well-being. We have many facilities for both wellness and recreational activities. You can relax or be active here, with something for everyone.

The Cinq Mondes Spa

Our Cinq Mondes Spa is a peaceful place to rejuvenate. You can enjoy treatments blending old traditions with new techniques. Let our therapists take you on a wellness journey. They offer treatments from cultures worldwide. Let go of stress as you enjoy the healing therapies.

Fitness Room

Need a good workout? Our modern fitness room is what you’re looking for. It has top-notch cardio and strength training gear to help you meet your fitness aims. Our trainers will be there to support you, ensuring a great workout.

Outdoor Lagoon and Sea Access

Enjoy the outdoors with our beautiful lagoon, surrounded by lush gardens. You can walk, read, or just relax in its calm atmosphere. For a sea adventure, dive into the clear water from our direct access. Many water sports are also available for your delight.

Indoor-Outdoor Heated Pool with Jacuzzi

Experience relaxation in our indoor-outdoor pool with a jacuzzi. Whether you’re swimming or just soaking, it’s the ideal wellness spot. Enjoy the warm water as it eases away your day’s tensions.

Your well-being is our top concern at Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. We have a range of wellness and activity options for you. Whether you want to unwind at the spa, get moving in the fitness room, enjoy our outdoor spaces, or relax in the pool, you’ll have an amazing experience.

Exceptional Service and Loyalty Program

Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is all about top-notch service with a smile. Our global team works hard to make your stay unforgettable. We make sure every visit is special.

Join our “My Monte-Carlo” loyalty program for unique perks. It’s our way of saying thanks for choosing us. You’ll get access to special benefits only our members enjoy.

  • Free admission to the Casino de Monte-Carlo awaits our loyal guests. Dive into the casino’s fun world and play at the tables or slots.
  • Love golf or tennis? You’ll love our preferential rates for these sports. Play with a view at our stunning golf course and tennis courts.

Getting into “My Monte-Carlo” is simple. Just sign up and begin your journey to being a VIP at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort.

Guest Reviews and Ratings

The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is loved by many guests. They praise its wonderful service, comfy beds, and stunning views. All these make a visit unforgettable.

“The setting of Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is absolutely breathtaking. The views from the hotel are simply stunning, offering a picturesque backdrop for a memorable stay.”

Guests are very happy with the staff’s service at the hotel. They say the team is always friendly, helpful, and dedicated. This makes every guest’s visit special.

“The service at Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort truly sets it apart. The staff is friendly, accommodating, and always ready to assist with any request. Their attention to detail is commendable.”

Many guests highlight how comfy the beds at the hotel are. They have soft, top-notch mattresses and linens. This means a good night’s sleep after a day in Monaco.

“The beds at Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort are incredibly comfortable. After a long day of exploring Monaco, it was a delight to sink into the soft, luxurious bed and wake up feeling refreshed.”

People also like how the hotel looks and feels. They enjoy its modern style and the effort put into every detail. All this creates a beautiful and calm environment.

“Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is a masterpiece of architecture. The sleek, modern design seamlessly blends with the natural beauty of the surroundings, creating an atmosphere of elegance and tranquility.”

Overall, the positive reviews and high ratings show the greatness of Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. With its amazing views and service, it’s a place where guests make wonderful memories.

Location and Attractions

The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is in Monaco’s heart, perfect for fun or work trips. It sits on the gorgeous Riviera, placing you near many attractions. This makes it great for your stay in Monaco.

Explore the Vibrant City of Monaco

Start your Monaco adventure at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. Walk the city’s historic streets, see famous places, and feel the luxury of this principality. The hotel is your gateway to Monaco’s beauty and culture.

Visit the Famous Casino de Monte-Carlo

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is a must-see in Monaco. A short walk from the hotel, it’s a chance to play in a famous casino. Feel the grandeur that makes it known worldwide.

Relax and Enjoy the Beautiful Surroundings

The hotel overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, offering amazing views. It’s a peaceful place to relax. Enjoy the sun and calm of the Riviera from the hotel’s terrace.

Attraction Description
Casino de Monte-Carlo Experience the thrill of high-stakes gambling and immerse yourself in the lavish atmosphere of one of the world’s most prestigious casinos.
The Prince’s Palace of Monaco Discover the official residence of the Prince of Monaco, with its stunning architecture and captivating history.
The Oceanographic Museum Marvel at the wonders of the sea and explore a vast collection of marine life at this renowned oceanographic museum.
Larvotto Beach Escape to the beautiful Larvotto Beach and enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and various water sports activities.

Whether you adore culture, vibrant nightlife, or seek peace, the hotel is perfect. Dive into Monaco’s charm and make unforgettable memories. This magical place awaits your visit.


Visit Monaco and stay at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort to enjoy luxury, comfort, and stunning views. This hotel pays great attention to details and offers exceptional service. From the moment you arrive, you’re welcomed into a world of luxury and sophistication.

Dine in at the Michelin-starred Blue Bay restaurant for a unique taste experience. Chef Marcel Ravin combines Caribbean and Mediterranean food to please your taste buds. Stay in stylish, modern rooms that are a peaceful escape.

This hotel offers everything you could want, whether it’s relaxation or adventure in Monaco. Relax at the Cinq Mondes spa or keep fit in the gym. Don’t forget the beautiful lagoon and the sea just steps away. It’s also close to Monaco’s top spots, like the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo.

The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is more than just a place to stay. It’s a blend of luxury, comfort, and top-notch service. It promises an experience in Monaco you won’t forget, filled with special memories.


What is the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort?

The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is a stunning stay in Monaco on the Riviera. It offers top-notch luxury, gorgeous views, and holds two Michelin stars.

What type of cuisine does the Blue Bay restaurant offer?

At Blue Bay, you’ll enjoy dishes mixing Caribbean and Mediterranean tastes. This combination makes dining here a special experience.

What amenities and accommodations does the hotel provide?

The hotel features 332 rooms, 21 being suites, and the Diamond Suite Eleven. Most rooms see the sea and have a terrace. They’re designed in a modern way, with light oak and warm colors for a tranquil setting.The place also has a lagoon, direct sea access, and a big heated pool with a jacuzzi. This gives guests plenty of ways to relax and enjoy water activities.

What other dining options are available at Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort?

Beyond the famous Blue Bay, L’Orange Verte serves creative dishes perfect for quick meals. Las Brisas, situated by a lagoon and sea, is ideal for a laid-back lunch. The Blue Gin bar offers drinks in a comfortable space.There’s also quick access to Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo, a renowned nightclub, for those interested in Monaco’s nightlife.Find more information here.

What wellness and recreational facilities does the hotel provide?

Guests have access to a spa, fitness room, and the calming lagoon. They also can enjoy various water sports due to the hotel’s sea access. The pool and jacuzzi area is perfect for relaxing or swimming.Learn more here.

How is the service at Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort?

The hotel’s team aims to make your stay exceptional with its warm and welcoming service. They offer a loyalty program, “My Monte-Carlo,” giving perks like free casino entry and sport discounts. The international crew is always ready to make your stay memorable.

What do guests say about Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort?

Guest reviews are full of praise for the amazing location and beautiful views. They love the great service, comfy beds, and the hotel’s design. These reviews show how much guests appreciate the quality of the hotel and its offerings.

What attractions are nearby Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort?

Located in Monaco, the hotel offers stunning views of the Riviera and the sea. It’s a great spot for exploring Monaco’s highlights, like the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo. The ideal location makes it perfect for all kinds of visitors.

What can I expect from a stay at Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort?

This hotel ensures an unforgettable visit to Monaco. You’ll enjoy luxury rooms, top dining, and excellent service. It’s a great option for anyone looking to unwind, enjoy, or discover Monaco.Discover more here.
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