One Monte-Carlo

Step into luxury in Monaco at One Monte-Carlo. It’s a top-notch location in the city center. This area was created by famous architects, including Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners. They worked with Monaco’s own Alexandre Giraldi. You’re just a short walk from the famous Place du Casino.

With views of the Place du Casino, incredible gardens, the sparkling sea, Port, and Prince’s Palace, One Monte-Carlo is truly special. It covers 60,000 m2. Besides luxurious homes, it includes fancy shopping, spots for culture, and places for business meetings.

Key Takeaways:

  • One Monte-Carlo is a prestigious development in Monaco, offering a global luxury experience.
  • The complex features 37 high-end apartments with stunning views of the Place du Casino and more.
  • It combines world-class shopping, cultural attractions, conference facilities, and luxury real estate.
  • One Monte-Carlo stands out as a unique luxury destination with unparalleled access to the best of Monaco.
  • The fashion district at One Monte-Carlo showcases 24 high-end boutiques with exclusive luxury brands.

A Unique Luxury Destination

One Monte-Carlo is a top luxury spot in Monaco. It has everything for its elite guests. It sits perfectly between the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo and the Place du Casino. This spot gives you the best of Monaco right at your doorstep.

Looking for top-notch fashion, culture, great eats, or fancy homes? One Monte-Carlo is your place. Covering 60,000 square meters, it’s made for those who love luxury.

“One Monte-Carlo offers a truly extraordinary and unmatched experience for individuals who seek the epitome of luxury and sophistication. From unparalleled shopping to exquisite dining and exceptional real estate, this destination has it all.” – Luxury Insider

And the view? It’s incredible. You can see Monaco’s gardens, the sea, Port, and even the Prince’s Palace. It’s the perfect mix of luxury, great location, and stunning sights. One Monte-Carlo is a destination not to miss in Monaco.

Unparalleled Access to the Best of Monaco

One Monte-Carlo puts you at the heart of Monaco’s top shopping area. It’s a dream come true for anyone who loves to shop for luxury items. You’ll find the best of fashion and jewelry in this high-class district.

But there’s more than just shopping here. It’s also got amazing restaurants. They serve up food for every liking, ensuring a rich dining adventure for all.

The Epitome of Luxury Real Estate

One Monte-Carlo also excels in luxury living spaces. It offers 37 high-end apartments, perfect for the luxury lifestyle. There are apartments from 2 rooms to a 6 room triplex, meeting everyone’s needs.

These apartments are designed by famous architects. They feature top-notch finishes and stunning views. With a private pool and rooftop terrace, living here is an unmatched luxury experience.

Experience the Exclusivity of One Monte-Carlo

One Monte-Carlo is more than just a place; it’s a whole experience. It brings luxury shopping, great dining, and fancy homes together. It’s an all-in-one exclusive spot.

If you want the best shopping, dining, or to enjoy Monaco’s beauty, this is where you should be. One Monte-Carlo offers everything for a luxury-lover’s perfect visit.

The Ultimate Shopping Experience

One Monte-Carlo is the ultimate place for fashion lovers. It has 24 top-notch boutiques. These boutiques are filled with top luxury brands, perfect for those with refined tastes. You can dive deep into the world of high fashion at the boutiques in One Monte-Carlo.

The Finest Luxury Brands

Discover elegance and style at One Monte-Carlo’s luxury boutiques. You’ll find top names like:

  • Akris
  • Chanel Joaillerie
  • Lanvin
  • Art in Time
  • Czarina
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Balenciaga
  • Fendi
  • Prada Homme
  • Boucheron
  • Fred
  • Ralph & Russo
  • Céline
  • Gianvito Rossi
  • Saint Laurent
  • Chanel
  • HRH Jewels
  • Sonia Rykiel

Each store provides a unique and special shopping experience. They show the newest trends and timeless fashion.

A Premier Shopping Destination

One Monte-Carlo stands out as a top luxury fashion spot. The boutiques are placed on the beautiful new Promenade Princesse Charlène. They’re also on Avenue Princesse Alice and Avenue des Beaux-Arts. This makes it easy for you to reach all the high-end boutiques for an exclusive shopping experience.

If you want a standout piece, a classic item, or a luxurious accessory, One Monte-Carlo is the place to look. It’s the perfect place to explore luxury fashion and find what suits your style best.

Luxury Living at One Monte-Carlo

One Monte-Carlo is more than a place for top-notch shopping. It’s your chance to live luxuriously in Monaco’s center. There are 37 top-tier apartments, from 2 rooms to a 6-room triplex. Each one shows off luxury and elegance. They offer plenty of space for the best indulgences.

These apartments stand out for their detail and amazing views. You can see Monaco’s finest, like the Place du Casino, gardens, and the sea, from home. The architecture allows for views of Monaco’s best sites. This lets people enjoy Monaco’s beauty all the time.

Renowned architects designed each residence. They blend sophistication and comfort perfectly. These apartments are known for their luxury finish and top-notch features.

The rooftop terrace is truly special. Here, you can dine, relax, and have fun with friends with the best views of Monaco. Imagine yourself, enjoying champagne under the stars or hosting a party with a city view. The terrace makes living at One Monte-Carlo extra luxurious.

Prestigious Apartments Luxury Real Estate Rooftop Terrace
37 high-end apartments Pristine design and finest finishes Stunning views of Monaco’s landmarks
Range from 2 rooms to a 6-room triplex Meticulously crafted for elegance Space for dining, relaxation, and entertainment
Unparalleled views of Place du Casino, gardens, sea, Port, and Prince’s Palace Amenities that define luxury living Opportunity to host gatherings and events

These prestigious apartments at One Monte-Carlo are unlike any other. They offer unbeatable luxury, comfort, and views in Monaco’s heart. Whether you need a big family home or a grand penthouse, One Monte-Carlo has it. It’s the place for the best in modern luxury living.

The Perfect Blend of Architecture and Design

One Monte-Carlo is more than a shopping spot, it’s an architectural wonder. With a design by Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners and Monaco’s Alexandre Giraldi, it’s a mix of modern style and innovation. The building fits perfectly in its environment. Every part of One Monte-Carlo, from the outside look to the inside style, is at the top of architecture.

The Visionaries Behind One Monte-Carlo

This amazing work was done by two famous groups: Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners with Alexandre Giraldi. Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners are known for designs that match well with nature. Alexandre Giraldi has also brought his great ideas, showing Monaco’s architectural beauty.

“The architectural masterpiece of One Monte-Carlo seamlessly combines the expertise of Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners with the innovative vision of Alexandre Giraldi. The result is a structure that not only captivates the eye but also integrates effortlessly into the fabric of Monaco.” – Architectural Digest

Harmony between Architecture and Landscape

One Monte-Carlo blends building with nature in a perfect way. The design puts a lot of focus on making the building part of the landscape. This way, it makes the area look even better. The smart use of windows and open space means you get the best views of key Monaco spots.

Excellence in Every Detail

The team working on One Monte-Carlo looked at every small thing. It shows in the luxury, elegance, and modern style of the inside. All the spaces, whether shared or private, meet high design standards. Thanks to Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners and Alexandre Giraldi, the place feels very fancy.

Key Features of One Monte-Carlo’s Architecture

| Feature | Description |
| Innovative Design | Aesthetically pleasing architecture that seamlessly blends with the natural environment and enhances the skyline of Monaco. |
| Panoramic Views | Strategically placed windows and open spaces maximize the breathtaking views of the Place du Casino, sea, Port, and Prince’s Palace. |
| Luxurious Interiors | Carefully curated materials, sophisticated lighting, and avant-garde furnishings create an atmosphere of refined opulence throughout the complex. |
| Harmonious Integration | The building seamlessly integrates into the landscape, creating a cohesive environment that enhances the overall charm of Monaco. |
| Attention to Detail | Meticulous consideration of every aspect, from the exterior design to the interior finishes, to ensure excellence in every detail. |
| Functional and Visually Engaging | The architecture of One Monte-Carlo not only showcases exceptional aesthetics but also prioritizes functionality, providing residents and visitors with spaces that are visually engaging and serve their intended purpose. |

The work of Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners, along with Alexandre Giraldi, has made One Monte-Carlo a standout. It shows the best in innovation and design. Everything, from its connection to nature to the inside luxury, offers an amazing experience for everyone who comes.

Unveiling One Monte-Carlo

On February 22, 2019, One Monte-Carlo opened its doors in a grand event. Their Serene Highnesses Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco, and their family joined the celebration. This marked the start of a new luxury era in Monaco.

This concept building now holds 37 amazing apartments, 24 luxury shops, and nine office floors. The public got their first look into the luxurious world of One Monte-Carlo.

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene loved the incredible design of One Monte-Carlo. They support the arts and cultural growth in Monaco. Their appearance showed how important this event was for the city.

“The opening of One Monte-Carlo is a big step for excellence in Monaco. It shows we are dedicated to giving top experiences to our people and guests. Whether through high-end homes or great shopping.”

Prince Albert II of Monaco

Princess Charlene praised One Monte-Carlo, saying, “This huge project truly shows Monaco’s drive for newness and grace. It proves how much we strive to lead in the luxury world.”

One Monte-Carlo: A Vision Realized

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene’s dream, One Monte-Carlo, is now a vibrant place. It combines beautiful homes, exclusive shops, and modern business spaces.

This marks a big moment for Monaco’s future and success. Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene stand by projects that make Monaco a top luxury and innovative place.

Their work with One Monte-Carlo shows they are proud promoters of Monaco’s special lifestyle. It strengthens the city’s status as a place for luxury, shopping, and great culture.

Key Statistics
Number of Apartments 37
Number of Luxury Boutiques 24
Number of Floors 9
Total Area 60,000 m2
Architectural Design Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners, Alexandre Giraldi
Opening Date February 22, 2019

The Complete Luxury Package

At One Monte-Carlo, we aim to offer a luxury experience like no other. You’ll find not just high-end boutiques but also top retail spaces. Here, you have access to the world’s most wanted items from famous brands. It’s where you can truly enjoy everything about luxury.

Unparalleled Retail Spaces

Our retail spaces are filled with exclusive items from the best luxury brands. As you explore, you’ll come across the newest items from names like Dior, Piaget, and many more. Each brand adds a unique flair to our spaces, making shopping here extraordinary.

“One Monte-Carlo is a haven for those seeking the utmost in luxury. The retail spaces offer a carefully curated selection of high-end products, creating a shopping experience that is second to none.”

Culinary Delights for Discerning Palates

Enjoy the finest dining at our restaurants, with dishes crafted by top chefs. Whether you crave seafood or gourmet French meals, we cater to every taste. This is dining that will impress even those with very discerning palates.

An Unforgettable Experience

One Monte-Carlo is much more than a place to shop. Its sleek design and stunning views give you a luxury journey. Being here, whether shopping or dining, surrounds you with elegance. It’s a place to make moments you’ll always remember.

Benefits of One Monte-Carlo’s Complete Luxury Package
Access to exclusive products from renowned global luxury brands
Culinary delights crafted by world-renowned chefs
Sleek architecture and impeccable design
Breathtaking views that enhance the overall experience
An immersive ambiance of opulence and refinement

Embracing Monaco’s Charm

One Monte-Carlo sits in a special place in Monaco, being near the famous Promenade Princesse Charlène. This area is now a pedestrian zone, making the district even more charming.

The Promenade Princesse Charlène is a lovely path with many trees and plants. It brings nature right into the city, creating a calm spot in the busy atmosphere. This setting lets visitors relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Walking on the promenade, you’ll see amazing sights and feel the sea’s soft breeze. It offers a quiet escape from the lively Monaco. This green space is a perfect place to unwind.

Picture a pleasant walk surrounded by nature, yet close to the luxury of One Monte-Carlo. The promenade mixes green areas with a friendly pedestrian spot, capturing Monaco’s true spirit.

Here, you can shop at high-end stores, eat at fine restaurants, or just relax among the trees. The Promenade Princesse Charlène is a wonderful spot at One Monte-Carlo that everyone will enjoy.

Elevating the Monaco Experience

One Monte-Carlo lifts luxury to new levels, more than just shopping and living choices. This special place also offers magnetic cultural spots and modern business areas. It has a top-notch conference center too. This combo lets folks dive into culture, do business, and feel truly special.

Imagine a place where luxury meets fine art, tunes, and history. Dive into Monaco’s lively past at One Monte-Carlo’s cultural gems. You can visit top-notch museums, enjoy shows at famous concert spots, and see eye-opening displays. Immersing yourself here is a journey that both teaches and thrills.

See Monaco’s splendor and do business at One Monte-Carlo’s up-to-date conference center. It fits the needs of top professionals with its modern tech, adaptable areas, and flawless service. It’s perfect, whether for small meetings or big conferences, for truly impactful events.

In the core of Monaco, One Monte-Carlo is a top pick for corporate events and meetings. Their conference center is stacked with the latest, flexible spaces for groups of any size. It’s the right place for all kinds of business meets, making networking and sharing ideas a breeze.

One Monte-Carlo offers a lifestyle that mixes cultural joy with business. It captures Monaco’s chic, innovation, and style, offering an all-round amazing experience.

Conference Center Facilities

Conference Facilities Capacity Features
Conference Rooms Up to 500 guests Flexible seating arrangements, audiovisual equipment, natural lighting
Boardrooms 10-100 guests State-of-the-art technology, elegant furnishings, private atmosphere
Exhibition Spaces Varies Customizable layouts, dedicated event team, high-speed internet
Breakout Areas Varies Comfortable seating, refreshment stations, networking opportunities


Visit One Monte-Carlo in Monaco for the best luxury experience. This place is perfect for upscale shopping and elegant living. You’ll find top-end shops like Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Enjoy stunning views from the lavish apartments. One Monte-Carlo mixes luxury with comfort perfectly. Its amazing features and beautiful design promise an unforgettable stay.

Take a walk through the luxury district or dine at famous eateries like Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse or Yoshi. One Monte-Carlo offers the best of Monaco, from its rich culture to its stylish atmosphere.

Choose One Monte-Carlo for unmatched shopping and elegant living in Monaco. This spot opens the door to luxury, welcoming those who love high-end living.


What is One Monte-Carlo?

One Monte-Carlo is a special place in the heart of Monaco. It offers a luxury experience close to the famous Place du Casino.

How many high-end apartments are there in One Monte-Carlo?

There are 37 high-end apartments with beautiful views of the Place du Casino and other landmarks.

Who designed One Monte-Carlo?

The design is a product of Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners and Monaco’s Alexandre Giraldi working together.

What amenities and services does One Monte-Carlo offer?

It provides luxury amenities and services. This includes top-brand fashion shops, cultural spots, fine dining, and luxury homes.

Which luxury fashion brands are available at One Monte-Carlo?

The boutiques feature renowned brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Chanel. You can also find Joaillerie and many more.

What types of apartments are available at One Monte-Carlo?

There are 37 upscale apartments. They range from 2 to 6 rooms and include special features like a rooftop terrace and private pool.

Who designed the architecture of One Monte-Carlo?

The famous designers at Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners and Monaco’s Alexandre Giraldi are behind the architecture.

When was One Monte-Carlo officially opened?

It opened on February 22, 2019. The opening was led by Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene with their children.

What can visitors expect at One Monte-Carlo?

There’s a lot to look forward to, including luxury boutiques, famous brand products, great restaurants, stunning design, and views.

How does One Monte-Carlo integrate nature within the complex?

The complex is surrounded by the peaceful Promenade Princesse Charlène. It’s a beautiful tree-lined area that brings nature into the city.

What does One Monte-Carlo offer besides shopping and residential offerings?

It’s more than just a place to shop and live. It includes cultural places, spots for business, and a modern conference center.
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