Pavillons Monte-Carlo

Welcome to Pavillons Monte-Carlo, your dream spot for high-end shopping right in Monaco’s heart. In the stunning Boulingrins Gardens, these temporary shops bring you an unmatched luxury experience. Here, you’ll find top fashion, breathtaking jewelry, and brands that ooze exclusivity, all set in the stylish vibe of Monaco.

Pavillons Monte-Carlo is tailor-made for those who love luxury. It features top names like Balenciaga, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and Yves Saint Laurent. Inside, you can get lost in their elegant fashion, stunning accessories, and luxury watches, all picked just for you.

Beyond its fabulous stores, Pavillons Monte-Carlo is a sight to see on its own. The unique buildings are in a cool Googie style, like big, sleek beach pebbles. They even connect by a quaint footpath, making your shopping journey smooth from one awesome shop to the next.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience luxury shopping in Monaco at Pavillons Monte-Carlo.
  • Discover renowned luxury brands and exclusive boutiques.
  • Immerse yourself in the elegant and futuristic design of the pavilions.
  • Enjoy a seamless shopping experience as you explore the connected boutiques.
  • Indulge in the sophistication and opulence of Monaco.

Location and Design of the Pavilions

The Pavillons Monte-Carlo sit in the beautiful Boulingrins Gardens in Monaco. This spot is an oasis full of greenery. It’s found near the famous Sporting d’Hiver and the grand Place du Casino. These buildings make shopping a special experience.

These structures were designed by top architects, Chérif Jahlan and Richard Martine. The design follows the Googie style, known for its futuristic look. The buildings look like smooth beach stones. They fit perfectly in the garden setting.

Connecting the buildings is a carefully designed walkway. It makes shopping easy and enjoyable. It was made to blend in with the natural beauty around. This makes the whole experience peaceful and luxurious.

Construction and Ownership

In 2013, the Monte-Carlo Pavilions project kicked off. A year later, in 2014, the construction wrapped up. The undertaking was massive, thanks to Richelmi and Acieroid, which are parts of Bouygues, a top-notch French construction entity. The Société des Bains de Mer, a major player in hospitality and entertainment in Monaco, poured 17 million Euros into the venture.

Till now, these iconic pavilions remain under their ownership. This shows how dedicated they are to bringing unforgettable experiences to Monaco.

Architecture and Design Features

The Pavillons Monte-Carlo feature a special style called Googie. It has bold shapes and futuristic touches, showing off a new way of thinking about design. Architects Chérif Jahlan and Richard Martinet are known for their bold, eye-catching buildings. Working with landscape architect Jean Mus, they’ve blended beauty with practicality perfectly.

The buildings stand out with their shiny aluminum panels. Made by Bertuli, these panels make the buildings look modern and strong. They keep the buildings sturdy without weighing them down.

“The Googie style of the Pavillons Monte-Carlo is a testament to the creative vision and passion of Chérif Jahlan and Richard Martinet. The avant-garde design language, coupled with the aluminum panels, creates a truly remarkable architectural ensemble.” – Jean Mus, Landscape Architect

The Googie style makes the Pavillons Monte-Carlo unlike any other buildings. They’re a feast for the eyes, with shapes and features that shout elegance and luxury, fitting Monaco perfectly.


Architect Design Contribution
Chérif Jahlan Conceptualization and execution of the Googie style
Richard Martinet Integration of futuristic elements and synergy with Monaco’s ambiance

Landscape Architect:

Jean Mus is a top name in landscape design, and he made the outdoor areas of Pavillons Monte-Carlo stunning. His work matches Jahlan and Martinet’s vision perfectly.

So, together, these architects made a place that’s elegant, groundbreaking, and truly reflects the spirit of Monaco.

Tenants and Luxury Brands

The Pavillons Monte-Carlo is a must-visit for those who love high-end fashion. It houses some of the biggest luxury brands in the world. You can find the newest and most beautiful designs here.

Luxury Fashion at its Finest

Visit the Pavillons Monte-Carlo and step into elegance. You will find an amazing selection of top designer names. They set the standard for high fashion and luxury.

“The Pavillons Monte-Carlo is synonymous with exclusivity and sophistication, showcasing the finest creations from the world’s most esteemed fashion houses. It is a destination where discerning shoppers can indulge in unparalleled luxury.” – Celebrity Stylist

Experience the Pinnacle of Fashion

This place offers a mix of classic and modern fashion. Brands like Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga can be explored here. They bring their unique touch of glamour and quality. Shopping here is truly special.

Unforgettable Shopping Moments

Discover the newest trends in fashion as you walk through the Pavillons Monte-Carlo. The staff here are experts and give great advice. They aim to make your visit the best shopping experience ever.

Brand Category
Alexander McQueen Fashion
Akris Fashion
Balenciaga Fashion
Bottega Veneta Fashion
Boucheron Jewelry
Chanel Fashion and Jewelry
Chopard Jewelry
Czarina Fashion
Lanvin Fashion
Miu Miu Fashion
Piaget Jewelry and Watches
Sonia Rykiel Fashion
Stardust Fashion
Yves Saint Laurent Fashion and Beauty
Zendrini Jewelry

Demolition Plans

The Pavillons Monte-Carlo will be taken down in 2018 on Avenue des Beaux-Arts. This is part of a big project to renew Monaco’s urban areas. The demolition will start once the new construction is done. It ushers in a fresh development phase for this high-profile place.

Avenue des Beaux-Arts is getting a makeover to look better and work better. Getting rid of the Pavillons Monte-Carlo is key to this makeover. It paves the way for new buildings and upgrades. This will bring a more lively and modern feel to central Monaco.

The city’s leaders and those who care about its future are committed to making Monaco even better. By taking down the Pavillons Monte-Carlo, they make room for cool new designs and eco-friendly projects.

The thought of losing the Pavillons Monte-Carlo is a bit sad, but it shows we’re moving forward. Soon, the Avenue des Beaux-Arts will be a more exciting and welcoming place. This change will highlight Monaco’s luxury, style, and progress.

“The demolition of the Pavillons Monte-Carlo is a key step in Monaco’s urban renewal. It sets the stage for the area’s next phase of development.”

Source: https://www.monaco.com

Demolition Plans Summary
Location Avenue des Beaux-Arts, Monaco
Reason for demolition Urban renewal and construction work
Expected demolition date 2018
Impact Creation of new spaces for innovative architectural designs

The Renewal of Monte Carlo

The Pavillons Monte-Carlo not only define luxury shopping in Monaco. They are also part of a bigger project. This project aims to refresh important spots in Monte Carlo. It includes the historic Hôtel de Paris and the famous Sporting d’Hiver. Architect Richard Martinet is leading the work to restore these gems to their former glory.

The Hôtel de Paris is a symbol of elegance. It is now being carefully restored. The Sporting d’Hiver is turning into luxury residences. This change will offer a mix of modern living and sophistication.

Architect Richard Martinet is known for historic preservation and fresh designs. He brings new life to old buildings. He aims for a balanced mix of past elegance and modern style in Monte Carlo’s renewal.

Restoring the Hôtel de Paris

“The Hôtel de Paris is more than a building; it tells Monaco’s story. We want to restore it to its former glory. We’ll add modern touches to make the guest experience top-notch.” – Richard Martinet

The Hôtel de Paris’ restoration is carefully done. It keeps its iconic look and detailed features. New facilities and tech are also being added. This will offer guests a luxurious and up-to-date stay.

Transforming the Sporting d’Hiver

“The Sporting d’Hiver’s change is a great chance. We’re making a special place to live. It will have modern comfort and be close to nature.” – Richard Martinet

The Sporting d’Hiver, once loved by the elite, will become luxury homes. It will offer extraordinary living spaces and features. There will be green areas and beautiful views. This lets residents see Monte Carlo’s beauty in private comfort.

Pavyllon Monte-Carlo: Fine Dining at Hôtel Hermitage

Pavyllon Monte-Carlo is a top-tier dining spot in the heart of Monte Carlo. It’s housed in the grand Hôtel Hermitage. The chef leading here, Yannick Alléno, is both celebrated and well-respected. He crafts meals that define top-notch quality and a glimpse into the future. This restaurant beautifully weaves local culinary traditions with a feeling of pure luxury. For those who are truly into food, Pavyllon Monte-Carlo is a must-visit.

The Main Bar and Terrace

At Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, you’ll see the cooking display from the main bar. Designed by Chahan Minassian, this space lets you watch chefs’ skills up close. Sip a drink and see the talent behind each meal.

The bar isn’t only for drinks; it’s an experience. Its beautiful look and cozy seats make it a great spot to relax and chat. You can enjoy a special drink or wine in a perfect place.

“The main bar at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo combines luxury and ease. It’s where guests enjoy the cooking show while having their drinks.” – Chahan Minassian, Interior Designer

The terrace here is special too, with great views. Modeled after a Mediterranean garden, it’s quiet and lovely. Feast with a view of Le Rocher or just relax outdoors.

It’s a perfect spot to enjoy Monaco’s beauty away from the city noise. Whether for lunch or dinner, it’s a dreamy place to eat.

Experience the Culinary Ballet at the Main Bar and Terrace

Visit Pavyllon Monte-Carlo’s main bar for a special treat by Chahan Minassian. See chefs’ art as you sip on something cool. Then, move to the terrace, framed by a Mediterranean theme, for amazing views of Monaco’s old town. Find magic at the main bar and terrace.

Feature Highlights
Main Bar Front-row seat to the culinary ballet
Terrace Inspired by a Mediterranean garden
Views Breathtaking vistas of Monaco’s old town

Yannick Alléno’s Culinary Delights

At Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, chef Yannick Alléno serves up the best local eats. His menu is full of meals that’ll make your mouth water, made with care to keep you coming back for more.

Alléno focuses on using fresh, local foods. This makes his dishes burst with the lively tastes of the area. Mixing new and old techniques, his team creates meals that are not only delicious but look amazing.

The experience at Pavyllon isn’t just about the food. It’s also about picking the perfect wine to go with your meal. You can enjoy a light white with seafood or a bold red with steak. Pavyllon’s team will guide you to the perfect match.

“Sauces are the gospel of French cuisine,” says Alléno. He lives by this idea, making sauces that level up every meal. Each dish gets a special sauce, adding flavor and tying everything together perfectly.

Birch sap adds a sweet, earthy twist to desserts here. It’s a special touch that makes the flavors really pop. This magic elixir is Alléno’s not-so-secret ingredient, turning sweet dishes into masterpieces.

Sample Menu Highlights:

  • Seasonal Vegetable Tartare with Birch Sap Vinaigrette
  • Local Sea Bass with Citrus Beurre Blanc
  • Roasted Lamb Loin with Red Wine Reduction
  • Black Forest Gateau with Birch Sap Ice Cream
Local Ingredients Food & Wine Pairings Modern Techniques Sauces Birch Sap
Fresh produce sourced from local farms and markets Expertly paired wines that enhance the flavors of each dish Innovative cooking methods such as cold extraction and fermentation Meticulously crafted sauces that bring all the flavors together Natural sweetness and earthy undertones to enhance desserts

Fine Dining in a Lively Atmosphere

Pavyllon Monte-Carlo invites you to enjoy high-end dining in a vibrant setting. This is not your traditional fancy restaurant. Here, the atmosphere is relaxed, perfect for enjoying every bite.

We at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo care most about making you happy. Our team works hard to ensure you have a great time. From start to finish, we’re here to meet your dining wishes.

Our doors are open every day for you and your loved ones. No matter the occasion, you’ll find a welcoming space here. Feel the lively vibe as soon as you step in.

The terrace at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo offers an unbeatable view of Monaco’s Le Rocher. This beautiful spot complements our tasty dishes. It’s the perfect scene for a meal under the stars.

Come join us and experience amazing food, top-notch service, and a view to remember. Pavyllon Monte-Carlo combines great taste with an unforgettable setting. It’s a dining experience you won’t soon forget.


In Monaco, Pavillons Monte-Carlo offers a special luxury shopping experience. It’s in the beautiful Boulingrins Gardens. These stunning buildings have lots of famous luxury brands for you to explore.

This includes top fashion from Alexander McQueen, Chanel, and Miu Miu. You can also find high-end jewelry from Boucheron, watches by Piaget, and more. It’s a perfect place for anyone who loves fashion and luxury.

But the fun doesn’t stop with shopping. Right there is the Pavyllon Monte-Carlo restaurant at Hôtel Hermitage. Yannick Alléno, a well-known chef, makes amazing food there. He uses creative techniques and flavors, making every meal special.

Monaco is known for luxury, elegance, and innovation. The Pavillons Monte-Carlo and Pavyllon Monte-Carlo are just two examples. They show the high standard of quality and service you can enjoy in the country. It’s an incredible place for a memorable shopping trip or a fancy meal.


What are the Pavillons Monte-Carlo?

The Pavillons Monte-Carlo are five temporary luxury buildings in Monaco. They’re known as the Pavilons des Merveilles. These fancy structures were put up so that top-end stores had a space to operate while construction was ongoing nearby.

Where are the Pavillons Monte-Carlo located?

In Monaco, you can find the Pavillons Monte-Carlo in the Boulingrins Gardens. These gardens are near the Sporting d’Hiver and the Place du Casino.

Who designed the Pavillons Monte-Carlo?

The Googie style was used to design the Pavillons Monte-Carlo. Architects Chérif Jahlan and Richard Martinet put their heads together for the design.

When were the Pavillons Monte-Carlo completed?

The building of the Pavillons Monte-Carlo kicked off in 2013 and wrapped up in 2014.

Who owns the Pavillons Monte-Carlo?

The Société des Bains de Mer is the current owner of the Pavillons Monte-Carlo.

What luxury brands are housed in the Pavillons Monte-Carlo?

These pavilions host a luxurious array of shops. You can find famous brands like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and many others there.

Are the Pavillons Monte-Carlo scheduled for demolition?

Indeed, the Pavillons Monte-Carlo are to be taken down in 2018. It’s part of a big plan to refresh Monaco.

What is the urban renewal project in Monte Carlo?

This renewal project in Monte Carlo is pretty extensive. It involves making the Hôtel de Paris even more grand and turning the Sporting d’Hiver into a high-end living area. Architect Richard Martinet is a key player in this project.

What is Pavyllon Monte-Carlo?

Pavyllon Monte-Carlo is a top-notch eating spot at the Hôtel Hermitage. Chef Yannick Alléno whips up amazing dishes there. It’s all about great food in a beautifully luxurious setting.

What features does Pavyllon Monte-Carlo have?

This place sports a sleek bar by Chahan Minassian for you to enjoy the food prep show. It’s also got an amazing terrace that feels like a lush Mediterranean garden. From here, you can take in the gorgeous views of Monaco’s Le Rocher.

What can I expect from the menu at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo?

You’re in for a treat with Yannick Alléno’s menu. He uses only the best local ingredients. The food is all about matching tastes perfectly, using new cooking methods.The sauces are a highlight, and desserts get a touch of sweetness from birch sap.

What is the atmosphere like at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo?

At Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, it’s all about great food in a chill setting. You won’t need to be fancy here to have a great time. Plus, the terrace offers unforgettable views.

What is the overall experience at Pavillons Monte-Carlo?

Visiting Pavillons Monte-Carlo means stepping into a world of luxury shopping. The fine dining at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo makes your visit to the iconic Hôtel Hermitage unforgettable.Monaco brings together luxury, tradition, and new trends for a perfect mix.
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