Pavyllon Monte-Carlo

Welcome to Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, a famous restaurant located at the luxurious Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo in Monaco. It’s the creation of top chef Yannick Alléno. This Michelin-starred spot is known for its mix of art, grace, and the bold tastes of the Riviera. At Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, you’ll find a stunning blend of fresh local ingredients and new cooking methods, proving fine dining can always get better.

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience the culinary brilliance of Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, located at the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo in Monaco.
  • Indulge in a menu curated by renowned chef Yannick Alléno, showcasing the finest local ingredients and innovative techniques.
  • Discover the understated and cosmopolitan culinary identity of Monaco through Pavyllon’s vibrant and diverse menu.
  • Enjoy a lively and welcoming atmosphere, where fine dining without formality is the norm.
  • An opulent terrace provides stunning views of Monaco’s old town and harbor, enhancing the dining experience.

Rewriting the Fine Dining Rulebook at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo

Pavyllon Monte-Carlo is changing the way we see fine dining. It’s all about being excellent, innovative, and a little bit modern. Yannick Alléno, the famous chef, brings his love for food to every single meal. This spot in Monaco’s Hôtel Hermitage is making a big mark.

The menu at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo is all about using local stuff to make amazing food. Alléno mixes things up to create dishes that look amazing and taste even better. Every piece of food is like a work of art, showing how good he is at what he does.

Walking into Pavyllon Monte-Carlo is like stepping into a whole new world of food. At the main bar, you can see the chefs at work. You can’t help but be excited about the incredible food heading your way.

The restaurant’s look, thanks to Chahan Minassian, is stylish and classic. It mixes modern beauty with timeless charm. Everything is picked to make your dining experience special.

“Pavyllon Monte-Carlo is not just about fine dining; it’s an immersive exploration of flavors, textures, and emotions. We strive to redefine the boundaries of culinary art and create an unforgettable experience for our guests.” – Yannick Alléno

Try out the new chapter in fine dining at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo. It’s where traditional cooking meets modern flair in a refined setting.

Award-Winning Chef Exquisite Ingredients Lavish Setting
Yannick Alléno
Michelin-starred chef
Locally sourced and
seasonal ingredients
Elegant interior
designed by Chahan Minassian
Renowned for
culinary excellence
and exciting dishes
Main bar with
a front-row view of the kitchen
Pushing the boundaries of
traditional cuisine
Impeccable flavors and
unforgettable presentations
A visually stunning backdrop
for an extraordinary dining experience

A Culinary Identity Rooted in Monaco

Pavyllon Monte-Carlo is known for its culinary style that shows Monaco’s heart. The eatery’s menu is simple yet international, just like the city-state’s varied culture. The chef, Yannick Alléno, and his team use top-quality local goods to make dishes full of life and color. Their food is all about fresh finds, natural items, and using today’s cooking methods like cold extraction and fermentation.

Their special sauces, key in French cooking, bring all tastes together in harmony. They’re a vital part of every meal, tying all parts of the dish into one delicious experience.

Local Ingredients for a Vibrant Culinary Experience

Pavyllon Monte-Carlo celebrates Monaco’s local tastes in every meal. The area’s food culture is based on the Mediterranean, giving the menu its fresh and bold flavors. By using what’s nearby, the restaurant not only supports local farmers but also ensures the tastiest, most eco-friendly ingredients.

Yannick Alléno’s use of local goods adds a special Monaco flair to every dish. It makes the food at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo truly unique and a real taste of Monaco.

A Cosmopolitan Fusion of Flavors

“Our culinary identity is deeply connected to Monaco’s cosmopolitan nature, embracing influences from around the world and infusing them with local ingredients and techniques,” says Yannick Alléno.

The kitchen at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo mixes worldly tastes with local ingredients and methods. Every dish is an exciting blend of global food, staying true to Monaco’s cooking traditions.

Yannick Alléno adds his twist by using modern cooking techniques. These methods bring out rich layers of flavor and texture in each plate. The result is food that delights the senses and leaves a big impression.

The Crucial Role of Sauces

“Sauces are the soul of our cuisine, bringing together all the elements of the dish and elevating it to the highest level of taste and pleasure,” explains Yannick Alléno.

Sauces are seen as a big deal in French cooking. At Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, they’re a treasured skill. Each sauce is made carefully, enhancing the flavors of the main dish in every bite.

These sauces show off Yannick Alléno’s and his team’s cooking mastery. They’re essential for blending different tastes, making every meal memorable.

Discover the Culinary Identity of Monaco at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo

The food at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo truly embodies Monaco’s spirit. It features the best local foods, worldwide tastes, and these amazing sauces. Eating here is a chance to explore Monaco’s diverse food customs, whether you’re from the area or visiting.

Monaco Culinary Identity Local Ingredients Cosmopolitan
Vibrant and diverse Rooted in Monaco’s essence Fresh, seasonal produce Fusion of international flavors
Sun-kissed gourmet cuisine Blend of local and global influences Emphasis on sustainability Cuisine reflective of Monaco’s cosmopolitan nature
Rich food culture Techniques like cold extraction and fermentation Homage to local agriculture Culinary traditions intertwined with global inspirations

Fine Dining in a Lively and Welcoming Atmosphere

Visit Pavyllon Monte-Carlo for a unique dining experience. Here, you get the elegance of fine dining with a welcoming vibe. It’s a place that stands out for its vibrant energy.

Yannick Alléno, our famous chef, has a special saying about our place. He calls it “fine dining without the formality.” We want you to enjoy great food in a cozy space, where you feel at ease.

Our doors are always open, every day of the week. So, you can come for a special event or when the craving hits. At Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, there’s always a warm spot for you.

We care a lot about our guests and what they want. Your time with us is about more than just good food. It’s about creating wonderful memories in a special way.

Come and join our lively scene at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo. Taste our wonderful meals, meet our friendly team, and make some great memories. It’s all waiting for you in a friendly setting.

Spectacular Terrace with Stunning Views

Admire Monaco’s Le Rocher old town and the beautiful harbor from Pavyllon Monte-Carlo’s terrace. It’s at the highly regarded Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo. You’ll find no better spot in Monaco to see such breathtaking views.

This terrace takes after Mediterranean gardens, making it a calm and welcoming place. Picture being among rich greenery, feeling gentle sea winds, and seeing the city lights dance. Enjoy top meals from the famous Yannick Alléno in this spot.

You can choose to eat inside or out on the terrace. Regardless, every moment is full of tranquility and beauty. Pavyllon Monte-Carlo’s lovely setting and fine food takes guests to a state of refined pleasure.

Exclusive Dining Experience

Dining at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo’s terrace is dining in true luxury. The view alone makes the meal memorable, highlighting Riviera flavors and the best local foods.

Surrounded by Monaco’s famous sights, the dishes are a work of art. Enjoy each bite of Yannick Alléno’s creations. They showcase his culinary excellence and his team’s passion.

If you’re marking a special event or just want a memorable meal, this terrace is ideal. Lose yourself in the views and the exceptional food. It’s these qualities that have made this place shine in Monaco’s dining world.

Features Benefits
Spectacular terrace with stunning views Enjoy breathtaking panoramas of Monaco’s old town and harbor
Inspired by a Mediterranean garden Experience a serene and beautiful setting for your dining pleasure
Indoor and outdoor dining options Choose your preferred ambiance while savoring delectable dishes
Expertly crafted dishes by renowned chef Yannick Alléno Savor culinary creations that combine innovation and local flavors
Ambiance of luxury and indulgence Immerse yourself in a refined dining experience in Monaco

Brunch at Pavyllon: A Parisian-Style Delight

Brunch at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo brings Paris to you. It’s hosted at the scenic Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo. You’ll enjoy a taste of French cuisine paired with an elegant setting.

Every meal at Pavyllon is expertly prepared by head chef Yannick Alléno. Mornings begin with a spread of perfect pastries. These include not just croissants but also brioches, all offering a burst of Parisian flavor.

After pastries, explore tables filled with delicious treats. Find cheese, charcuterie, and more to suit your taste. Complement this with juice or a brunch featuring champagne.

Yannick Alléno’s egg dishes are a highlight, with everything from perfect poached eggs to beautiful omelettes. Each dish is inspired by the Mediterranean’s beauty, stunning to look at and even better to eat.

“Brunch is an opportunity to savor the artistry of cuisine in a relaxed setting. It’s about embracing the joy of good food and good company.”

Yannick Alléno

Save room for desserts, from macarons to chocolate mousse, all made to impress. They’re a highlight of Yannick Alléno’s menu.

Sundays at Pavyllon are made for gathering with loved ones. Enjoy simple delights in the lap of luxury. It’s the perfect place to celebrate life and great food.

Brunch Highlights

  • Parisian-style pastries crafted to perfection
  • Gourmet spreads featuring artisanal cheeses and charcuterie
  • Creative egg dishes and azure-tinted creations
  • A tempting array of delectable desserts

Brunch Timings and Reservations

Pavyllon’s brunch is served from 11:30 am to 3 pm each Sunday. Remember to book ahead by calling the restaurant.

Experience Parisian Elegance at Pavyllon

Brunch at Pavyllon takes you straight to Paris. You’ll enjoy the best of French cuisine in an elegant setting. It’s a chance to make unforgettable memories in Monaco.

Location Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo
Opening Hours Sundays, 11:30 am – 3 pm
Reservations Contact the restaurant directly
Pets Policy Pets are not allowed

Practical Information

If you are planning to dine at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, here is some key info to help. We suggest booking your table in advance. You can do this by getting in touch with the restaurant. Our team is happy to help pick the right date and time for you.


To secure your spot at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, we recommend making a reservation in advance. You can easily book a table by contacting the restaurant directly. Our friendly staff will assist you in finding the perfect date and time for your visit.

Opening Hours

Pavyllon Monte-Carlo welcomes guests from Monday to Sunday. You can dine with us between 11:30 am and 3 pm. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy our wonderful dishes and the Pavyllon atmosphere. We’re here whether you’re looking for a leisurely lunch or celebrating something special.

Pets Not Allowed

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed inside the restaurant. We want to keep the atmosphere inviting and comfortable for everyone. So we kindly ask you to leave your pets at home when visiting Pavyllon Monte-Carlo. Thank you for understanding and helping us follow this policy.

Finesse and Music: A Sunday Brunch Tradition

Sundays at Pavyllon are more than just a meal. They’re a rich blend of fine dining, elegance, and music. Here, guests find themselves in a world of refined experiences. The restaurant’s precise focus on quality and detail crafts an exceptional time for all who visit.

Walking into Pavyllon means being hit with the sounds of live tunes. This musical backdrop sets the scene, combining with the delicious food for a unique experience. You’ll feel welcomed by the music, making your meal even more enjoyable.

“The combination of delightful cuisine and enchanting music elevates the Sunday brunch at Pavyllon to a whole new level of indulgence.” – Satisfied guest

The star of the show is a menu tailored to satisfy all tastes. As you sit, a feast of choices awaits, from soft soufflé pancakes to special teas. This spread is designed to please fickle brunch lovers.

Every dish at Pavyllon is a masterpiece, showcasing the best flavors. As you taste each item, you’ll savor the excellence in every bite. The Sunday brunch journey here is nothing short of wonderful.

Sample Menu

Course Dish
Appetizer Assorted pastries and spreads
Main Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon
Side Avocado toast with poached egg
Dessert Chocolate croissant bread pudding

Pavyllon’s Sunday brunch is a perfect time to enjoy with loved ones. It’s great for celebrating or just a casual weekend. The top-notch food, elegant setting, and magical music ensure your visit is unforgettable.

Indulge in a Truly Special Experience

Dining at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo is really special. Here, guests enjoy top-notch food with amazing terrace views. The place is all about great meals, beautiful sights, and a calm vibe. This makes dining feel more peaceful and relaxing. It’s perfect for a romantic date or hanging out with friends. You’ll remember your time here forever.


Pavyllon Monte-Carlo shines in the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, offering one of the best Michelin-starred dining experiences in Monaco. It focuses on using local ingredients and innovative cooking. The goal is to make every visitor happy and provide excellent service.

You can either dine inside or choose the terrace with a view that overlooks Monaco. At Pavyllon, you’re in for a food experience you won’t forget. Each meal is a work of art, combining amazing flavors with Monaco’s grace.

Prepare for a unique food journey at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, where food tells its story and eating is a party of taste. Get ready to explore the Michelin-starred world and enjoy the best foods Monaco offers. Your dream food adventure is about to begin.


Is Pavyllon Monte-Carlo a Michelin-starred restaurant?

Yes, Pavyllon Monte-Carlo brings the true essence of Michelin-starred dining to Monaco.

Where is Pavyllon Monte-Carlo located?

It sits within the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo in beautiful Monaco.

Who is the chef at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo?

At the heart of Pavyllon Monte-Carlo is the renowned chef Yannick Alléno.

What is the dining experience like at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo?

The atmosphere combines fine dining art with the elegance of the Riviera.

What is the culinary identity of Pavyllon Monte-Carlo?

It is known for its local flavors, fresh seasonal ingredients, and creative cooking methods.

Is Pavyllon Monte-Carlo a fine dining restaurant?

Absolutely, it’s a place where excellence meets relaxed fine dining ambiance.

Can I make a reservation at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo?

Certainly, just get in touch with the restaurant to book your table.

Are pets allowed at Pavyllon Monte-Carlo?

Unfortunately, pets are not welcome in the restaurant.

What are the opening hours of Pavyllon Monte-Carlo?

It welcomes guests from 11:30 am to 3 pm every day.

Does Pavyllon Monte-Carlo offer a brunch?

Yes, they have an amazing brunch with a Parisian touch.

What can I expect at the Sunday brunch at Pavyllon?

Sunday’s brunch features delicious pastries, spreads, eggs, and desserts. Live music adds to the vibe.
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