PHD Rooftop Lounge

Do you want an unforgettable night out in New York City? Look no further than PHD Rooftop Lounge. It’s on the 12th floor of Dream Downtown, giving you beautiful views. This penthouse lounge is filled with luxury and top-notch service.

The lounge is stunning with its Italian Portoro marble and Macassar ebony. It also has cozy outdoor spots on the terrace. This lets you see the amazing views of New York, including the Empire State Building and the Hudson River.

PHD Rooftop Lounge offers more than just a beautiful setting. It has top amenities to make your night great. You can have amazing cocktails, enjoy great music, and lights, and party under the stars on the outdoor terrace.

Many people love PHD Rooftop Lounge because it’s great for any occasion. It’s perfect for celebrating or just enjoying time with friends. It’s a spot that promises to give you the best of New York City’s nightlife.

Key Takeaways:

  • PHD Rooftop Lounge is a luxury New York Club located on the 12th floor of Dream Downtown.
  • Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, the Hudson River, and the Empire State Building.
  • Indulge in the sophisticated ambiance and luxurious finishes, including Italian Portoro marble and Macassar ebony.
  • Experience state-of-the-art amenities such as two full-service bars, a fully-equipped DJ booth, and custom-built Italian leather banquettes.
  • PHD Rooftop Lounge is the perfect venue for VIP reservations, events, and unforgettable nights out in New York City.

Enjoy the Ultimate New York Nightlife Experience

PHD Rooftop Lounge at Dream Downtown gives a top-notch nightlife experience. It’s located right in the middle of New York’s club scene. The place offers stunning views, a fancy look, and a classy vibe. It’s a top spot for anyone wanting a fancy night out.

This rooftop lounge is all about luxury. It’s covered in Italian Portoro marble and Macassar ebony. The walls have a nickel finish, and there are amber Venini glass chandeliers. Step outside and you’ll see the Hudson River and the Empire State Building. It’s like entering a dream world.

At PHD Rooftop Lounge, get ready for great music and a lively crowd. Here, you’ll make memories that stay with you forever. It doesn’t matter if you’re from New York or just visiting, this is the place to go.

“PHD Rooftop Lounge is where you’ll find glamour and exclusivity in nightlife. A mix of fancy décor, amazing views, and cool people makes a unique vibe here. It’s perfect for celebrating or just having fun with friends.”

– New York Club Magazine

This lounge also offers a Sunset Menu made by Chef Mike Armstrong. It features delicious plates perfect for sharing. They are made with the best ingredients. You can enjoy them with special cocktails or bottle service.

Looking for a place to celebrate, dance, or just feel lavish in New York? Then, PHD Rooftop Lounge at Dream Downtown is your spot. It offers the best of New York nightlife. Come here and make unforgettable memories.

Host Your Special Events at PHD Rooftop Lounge

Located on the 12th floor of Dream Downtown in New York, PHD Rooftop Lounge is a perfect spot for your special events. It has amazing views of the Hudson River and the Empire State Building. This makes it a one-of-a-kind place for cocktail receptions and private parties.

The indoor part of PHD spans over 2,900 square feet and can fit up to 350 guests. It has two bars serving a variety of drinks. The lounge also has a DJ booth to keep the party going.

The outdoor terrace is the gem of PHD Rooftop Lounge, covering 1,500 square feet. It has a retractable canopy for all-weather events. This lets your guests enjoy New York’s beautiful weather and stunning views.

“The terrace at PHD Rooftop Lounge is simply breathtaking. It provides the perfect setting for a memorable cocktail reception or private party, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.”

PHD is ready with the latest in lighting, audio, and tech for a visually stunning event. Whether it’s a corporate event or a personal milestone, it surpasses expectations. You get to choose between indoor or outdoor settings.

Event packages are ready to make your experience truly special. The professional event planning team at PHD will help you with every detail. From the menu to the entertainment, they ensure your event is unique and unforgettable.

  • Host cocktail receptions and private parties with breathtaking views of the Hudson River and Empire State Building
  • 2,900 square feet of indoor space with two full-service bars and a fully-equipped DJ booth
  • 1,500-square-foot outdoor terrace perfect for enjoying the New York City skyline
  • State-of-the-art lighting, audio, internet, and multimedia capabilities

Choose PHD Rooftop Lounge for your next event and add sophistication and style to your gathering.


Visit PHD Rooftop Lounge at Dream Downtown in the heart of New York’s club scene. This spot combines breathtaking views, luxury design, and a high-class feel. It’s a top pick for anyone wanting to enjoy a sophisticated night out.

If you love stunning views, great music, or need a venue for a special event, this is your spot. The place is filled with luxury, like Italian marble, exotic wood, and comfy seating. It’s all topped off with a terrace for outdoor gatherings.

Experience the New York club scene at its best. Sip on top-notch cocktails, mingle with others, and gaze at the mesmerizing cityscape. PHD Rooftop Lounge offers an unparalleled experience with its class and service. It’s where unforgettable nights are made.

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