Rita Hazan Salon

Rita Hazan Salon is at the top of New York’s beauty salons. You can find it at 30 E 60th Street, 26th Floor. It’s known for its top-tier hair services. Rita Hazan and her experts help you get the look you want.

Looking for a new haircut, a fresh color, or a fancy style for an event? Rita Hazan Salon is perfect. They offer personalized services that highlight your beauty. They also do makeup, offering a full beauty experience.

This salon welcomes you with luxury and calm. Their team pays close attention to what you want. They promise to surpass your expectations. Rita Hazan is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 8AM to 8PM. This makes it easy to fit a visit into your schedule.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rita Hazan Salon is a luxury beauty salon in New York City.
  • They offer a range of services, including hairstyling, coloring, and makeup application.
  • Rita Hazan herself is a renowned expert in the industry.
  • The salon operates from Tuesday to Saturday from 8AM to 8PM.
  • Their team of professionals is dedicated to providing personalized service.

Discover a Range of Services at Rita Hazan Salon

Looking for the best beauty salon in New York? Visit Rita Hazan Salon. We offer top-notch services for all your beauty needs. Our goal is to be the first choice for quality care and expertise.

Our hairstylists are experts at turning your ideas into reality. Whether it’s a small change or a big new look, we’ve got you covered. We work with your style and personality to make you feel amazing.

Hair color is a big part of self-expression. Our colorists know all the latest trends and skills. They’re ready to help you get the perfect shade, highlights, or bold color treatment.

But we’re not just about cutting-edge hair services. Our special treatments target hair concerns. Our keratin treatments, for example, make your hair smooth and frizz-free. We aim to give you a flawless finish every time.

Need makeup for a special day? Our artists can create a look that highlights your best features. It could be for a wedding, prom, or any big event. We make sure you feel beautiful and confident.

Visiting Rita Hazan Salon means more than great services. It’s about relaxing in a luxurious place. Here, you can enjoy a pampering experience. We see every visit as a chance for you to unwind and recharge.

Explore the services at Rita Hazan Salon in New York City. Book your appointment and let us enhance your style, confidence, and beauty. Our skilled team is ready to make you shine.

Find Rita Hazan Colored Hair Products Near You

Interested in Rita Hazan’s colored hair products? You can find them at many nearby salons and stores.


  • Andy LeCompte in West Hollywood
  • Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills
  • Kollage Salon & Boutique in Sacramento

These places have a variety of Rita Hazan items. This includes helpful products for colored hair like shampoos and conditioners.

Retail Stores:

  • Nigel Beauty
  • Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies
  • Zitomer

You can also buy Rita Hazan’s products online. Places like Nigel Beauty and Zitomer sell them. This makes it easy to get expert hair care for your colored hair, right at home.


Rita Hazan Salon shines as the top spot for style and luxury in New York. It stands out among the city’s beauty salons with a wide range of top-notch services and products. Looking for a fresh cut, a splash of color, or flawless makeup? Their skilled team is ready to make you look amazing.

At Rita Hazan Salon, get ready to feel pampered in a luxurious setting. As you enter, their caring staff will welcome you warmly. They aim to not just style you beautifully, but to leave you feeling vibrant inside and out.

Even after you leave the salon, Rita Hazan helps you keep your look. With easy access to their special hair care products through partner salons and stores, maintaining your style is simple. These goodies are made for color-treated hair, helping you keep that fresh-from-the-salon look for longer.

For an outstanding beauty treatment in New York, look no further than Rita Hazan Salon. Enjoy a world of luxury, update your style, and rely on their experts to enhance your natural beauty. It’s your chance to experience something truly special.

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